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Essential reading for anyone in today s turbulent markets Jeffrey E Garten, Dean, Yale School of ManagementPraise for MARTIN J WHITMAN and VALUE INVESTING An excellent book on investments But,importantly, this volume is a primer explaining to Main Street, especially Main Street businesspeople, how Wall Street really operates Eugene M Isenberg, Chairman of the Board, Nabors Industries, Inc A must read for all thoughtful investors interested in a rational, disciplined, risk averse template for successful long term compounding O Mason Hawkins, CFA, Chairman and CEO, Southeastern Asset Management, Inc and The Longleaf Partners Funds This author knows whereof he speaks His many years of extremely successful experience as a professional manager of investments, his academic training, and his period of teaching at a major university all make their mark on this illuminating volume It reveals how a bright, analytically minded person with extensive practical experience studies and evaluates investments William J Baumol, Professor and Director, CV Starr Center, NYU Professor Emeritus, Princeton University This book by an experienced and practicing master, Martin Whitman, is a treasure and a reference book on how to think and feel like an owner of a business without the headache of running it day to day Papkens Der Torossian, Chairman and CEO, Silicon Valley Group, Inc Marty Whitman is renowned for his uncanny instincts and insights in picking bargains in stocks and bonds His book is a real bargain To benefit from decades of Marty s experience is invaluable and to have such a commonsense and realistic approach is an extra dividend Milton Cooper, Chairman, Kimco Realty CorporationPlease visit our Web site at wileyfinance