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I have completed reading HYPER My background is retail business, mainly in financial area, recently I decided to devote of my focus on BI I was looking for resources where I can find inspiration to how to organize development of BI area and make transition of this area from reporting to support for decision making Frankly speaking I have find it in this book and I m going to implement this process with some tweaks here and there This book gives a good overview how to implement a solution with constant focus on the most important aspects of BI and Retail.Deliver it fast a be flexible during this process. The reviews about this book make it seem like it s the most informative thing on the market It s of a beginners guide for someone who s never worked in a business before.I was pretty disappointed with how surface level the information was. By starting with value creation in Chapter 1, Mr Steffine shows he understands the core purpose of BI In addition, he calls out the key issues facing today s BI professional and provides practical solutions to overcoming them The book is concise and organized for timely consumption and easy reference He also includes models and conceptual tools to enhance understanding and provide helpful takeaways While I do think he could have elaborated a little at times, I highly recommend this resource for your BI library Well done Mr Steffine Straight to the point, one weekend read Great templates, helped me understand roadblocks Highly actionable, considering getting paper copy for office library.Healthcare needs BI now, less room for errors with financial pressures in the sector Loads of misunderstandings to tackle with Clinical vs IT vs Administration issues. A quick read, has lots of tips, ways, and means especially true of those in BI Recommend This book felt focused on management than BI development Though I do not regret reading and buying Hyper, I wouldn t necessary recommend it to a coworker in analytics either. Today, an organization s survival ultimately rests on how well and fast it creates value That s why decision makers consistently rate business intelligence as one of their top investment priorities They depend on information to help them compete in a world where disruption is a constant and speed an obsession But recognizing the need for BI is one thing Effectively using it to create value is an entirely different matter Hyper is the essential quick read guide for busy business and IT professionals struggling to make BI work Packed with pragmatic advice, proven methods, and real world tools, this book provides straight talk on how to finally deliver BI in a hyper responsive, hyper agile, and hyper flexible way Inside you will discover Ways to overcome theprimary challenges associated with BI planning and execution Methods to create, validate, and communicate requirements that accelerate decision making How to deliver quick wins that drive end user adoption and long lasting solutions Plus, you ll find practical tips from years of hands on field work Hyper will change the way you think about, plan, and execute BI For real results, real fast Greg is a great speaker and has tremendous knowledge about BI The book provides an IT person with a process that they can use to communicate and successfully implement a project with a LOB The most difficult issue that I face as a seller is trying to bridge the gap between these two groups This book provides a fantastic outline for accomplishing this task. Loved the book Well thought out and full of ideas that you can implement right away This book is an implementers handbook and an orientation primer for getting everybody on your team rowing together and in one direction The presentation is simple and clear, free from literary overhead. Greg, your book, HYPER, is as I said the first time I read it, a definitive and comprehensible presentation of a topic that is grossly NOT UNDERSTOOD Thank you for bring the cookies down where anybody can reach them and LEARN