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Ordered this as pre read for course of study Covers a lot of ground efficiently. Consumer Behaviour and Analytics provides a consumer behaviour textbook for the new marketing reality In a world of Big Data, machine learning and AI, this key text reviews the issues, research and concepts essential for navigating this new terrain It demonstrates how we can use data driven insight and merge this with insight from extant research to inform knowledge driven decision making Adopting a practical and managerial lens, while also exploring the rich lineage of academic consumer research, this textbook approaches its subject from a refreshing and original standpoint It contains numerous accessible examples, scenarios and exhibits and condenses the disparate array of relevant work into a workable, coherent, synthesized and readable whole Providing an effective tour of the concepts and ideas most relevant in the age of analytics driven marketing from data visualization to semiotics , the book concludes with an adaptive structure to inform managerial decision making Consumer Behaviour and Analytics provides a unique distillation from a vast array of social and behavioural research merged with the knowledge potential of digital insight It offers an effective and efficient summary for undergraduate, postgraduate or executive courses in consumer behaviour and marketing analytics or a supplementary text for other marketing modules