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Basic Acrylic InstructionAmazing Results This resource is packed with the best of Lee Hammond s lessons and tips on working with acrylics, includingthanstep by step exercises and demonstrations that will have you creating amazing paintings in no time flatSuccess is easyjust follow along with Lee With just seven to nine pigments, you can paint anything You ll learn how to add layers and details, one stroke at a time Along the way, Lee s friendly encouragement and quick tips will help you work past what she calls the awkward stage, so you can complete your paintings with confidenceIn addition to detailed information on selecting materials and mixing colors, you ll also get complete visual instruction for painting subjects of all kinds, including Still Life Get proper proportions every time, using easy graphing techniques You ll also find demonstrations for painting the tricky parts, such as glossy textures and reflective surfacesLandscapes Lee shares proven tips for creating depth and realism in subjects ranging from forests and mountains to prairies and seascapes She also shows how to paint realistic clouds, trees, water andAnimals This chapter provides step by step guidance for painting all your favorite creatures There s even extra instruction for getting the eyes, noses, fur and feathers just rightPeople Painting people can be especially challenging, but success is easy with basic steps and practical guidance One feature at a time, you ll learn simple techniques for painting faces of all kindsmale or female, young or old You ll also find in depth guidance for creating realistic fleshtones, eye color, hair andThis is a complete acrylic painting course right on your bookshelf Follow along from beginning to end or refer to this guide when you need a quick lesson Either way, after learning from a master like Lee Hammond, you won t be a beginner for long Get started today