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Discover abstract painting with acrylics If you approach your art with a playful attitude you will beapt to keep making art, and theart you make, the better your art will be pgLike a diving board for creativity, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will help you plunge joyfully into artmaking With the belief that an attitude of playfulness is key to artistic growth, award winning acrylic artist Jo Toye leads you on an engaging workshop style adventure filled with innovative techniques, inventive approaches and breakthrough resultsWork Small Start by discovering how working on a small canvas yields big payoffs When you dont have anything to lose but a few minutes and a little piece of paper, youll find that you paintfearlessly, absorb new concepts faster and enjoy yourselfStep by Step Instruction Learn what tools Toye finds most useful in making art, along withstep by step demonstrations showing how to use them to best effectStart to Finish Painting Projects At the heart of the book,start to finish painting projects put it all together Discover fresh takes on stenciling, sponging, making and working with gesso Use razor blades and applicator bottles to create distinctive linework Achieve wonderfully original patterns using resist pens, mouth atomizers and India ink Experiment with Clear Tar Gel, pour paint with pipettes, work over top a failed paintingall yielding brilliantly original results Heavily illustrated and filled with exciting ideas you wont find anywhere else, Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting will inspire you to paint, experiment, playand come away with some of your best work yet

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