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Offset Lithographic Technology provides extensive coverage of electronic applications in all areas of printing This edition includes in depth coverage of electronic text generation, computer to plate operations, computer controlled inking and printing, digital image generation, and electronic prepress desktop publishing A math and measurement chapter helps students master these important basic skillsSafety is strongly emphasized throughout the text A separate chapter provides information on topics such as color coding for safety, environmental concerns waste disposal and recycling , material safety data sheets, and the hazards noise, light, and ergonomic particular to the printing industry This edition also highlights the most current methods of content creation used in the industry, especially the electronic workflowIn addition to containing up to date content, this edition of Offset Lithographic Technology includes several useful features These features enhance student interest, while providing teaching support Some of the features of this textbook include the following Chapter openers engage the students in topics that are current and of interest, to emphasize the importance of various aspects of printing in our world Learning Objectives identify the topics covered and goals to be achieved by students Key Terms list new vocabulary covered in the chapter, enhancing student recognition of important concepts Notes contain references to other sections of the text relating to the subject at hand or highlight important technical information