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Before Six Sigma, TQM, SPC Deming, there was Shewhart This classic work by Dr Shewhart introduces the principles that were to become the foundation for process quality control While not as concise as his later Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control, this text provides a in depth introduction to basic statistical control conceptsvery good for understanding the thinking behind Shewhart control charts. Along with Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control, Shewhart et.al laid the groundwork for Statistical Process Control SPC Neither book is an easy read, even for the mathematically proficient, but worthy of chewing on until you get what Dr Shewhart is describing Having read it in undergraduate studies, it was really a blessing to find it available through Highly recommended for any engineer in manufacturing. Author Dr Shewhart Is the Father of SPC After paging through this book, I was supprised to find that it still is one of the best books on quality control. from my opinion , shewhart he is the father of quality , forget Deming and others , and this book will make you believe about that.This book is real science Great product, great price, fast shipping You re asking if this book met my expectations I was lonely, downtrodden, dejected, and suicidal Basically, at the end of my rope My woman left me, my best friend cheated me, and my favorite dish ran off with some spoon ho from the wrong side of the tracks I was ready to shoot myself a hot load of brown Mexican smack and just leave it all behind when I got the idea to buy and read Economic Control of Quality of Manufactured Product.Boy, did this book ever change my life for the better All the meaningful quality control and practical statistical knowledge I had been lacking came to me in a flash as I turned the pages I went back to work, became Employee of the Month, my woman came back, my best friend apologized, and guess what I m eating a sandwich off of right now That s right my favorite dish And I ve given up heroin as a crutch for my problems, too.I know old Walt is dead and heavily decomposed in some grave somewhere, and so shaking his hand right now wouldn t be as fun as I d like it to be, and probably some of the parts would fall off, but I still get the urge to break out the old shovel every now and then and make his acquaintance.Boy oh boy, I sure hope they made his casket right Wouldn t that be ironic if they didn t Fue un placer tener en mis manos este libro, referencia de mis trabajo en Calidad Es una reedicci n, ya me habr a gustado fuera el original De todos modos hay que considerar la fecha en que se escribi , e interpretar. Reprint ofEdition Full Facsimile of the original edition Not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software The father of modern quality control, Walter A Shewhart brought together the disciplines of statistics, engineering, and economics in a simple but highly effective tool the control chart This technique, and the principles behind it, has played a key role in economic development from thes through to the present day Most of Shewhart s professional career was spent at Western Electric as an engineer fromtoand at Bell Telephone Laboratories fromuntil his retirement inIn addition, he served for thanyears as the first editor of the Mathematical Statistics Series published by John Wiley Sons