[read online] Jazz History 2020: Kalender 2020 (Media Illustration)Autor Albawater.co – Albawater.co

TUSHITA Kalender Unsere Kalender sind auf umweltfreundlichem Papier gedruckt und vom FSC zertifiziert Monats Kalender mit internationalen Feiertagen und den Feiertagen der wichtigsten Weltreligionen Format x cm Aufgeklappt x cm

3 thoughts on “Jazz History 2020: Kalender 2020 (Media Illustration)

  1. Gavin Gavin says:

    This is always a nice calendar for the Jazz lover Nice clear date boxes to fill in your appointments etc Great iconic photos of well known artists enhance the calendar Always worth getting It s also a 16 month calendar too.

  2. Patricia Willard Patricia Willard says:

    With a vast, rich heritage of great artists and their music to choose from, this merchant has gathered a group of mostly familiar black and white publicity photos, the majority of which but not all are decently reproduced with no text history of any kind and identification of individuals only on the back cover Ellington gets three months, Miles Davis gets two neither of which is his birth month or otherwise significant in either s careers Billie Holiday, although pictured with the traditional gardenia in her hair, is identified as Bessie Smith Only positive component of this product is that the months and days appear to be correct Also, Sarah Vaughan s name is misspelled This calendar is not worth even half the price being charged Very sorry that I was misled into buying it Patricia Willard, jazz historian

  3. Carlos Avila Carlos Avila says:

    Love me some jazz Great pics