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Is Artificial Intelligence AI our greatest existential threat Will AI take your Job Is Privacy dead Is Universal Basic Income a viable strategy or just a temporary bandage Will AI solve all our problems Will it make us happier We cant put the genie back in the bottle once its out If we dont candidly answer the pertinent questions, we will only paint a false pictureWe are standing at a crucial and pivotal point in history Its time for diversity in AI This unprecedented technology will affect society as a whole and we need individuals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to join the discussion The issues surrounding AI cant be left to a small group of scientists, technologists or business executives to address Our future and our childrens future are at stakeMore than ever, we need leaders who will stand on integrity and who will put people firstDo you want to take a glimpse into the future of leadership The Future of Leadership Rise of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence offers the most comprehensive view of what is taking place in the world of AI and emerging technologies, and gives valuable insights that will allow you to successfully navigate the tsunami of technology that is coming our way