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Learn How to Paint Fine Art with Cake Decorating TipsToday, get this Kindle book and read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, iPad, or Kindle deviceYoure about to discover how to make a gorgeous literal fine art painting made from cake decorating tips by forming these amazing thickly sculpted rosettes People will be dis believing you that your painting is really made of paint, and then wanting to eat your art in no time Yes, your painting This is an introductory guide to learning the thick acrylic impasto style and techniques of Ruth Collis where you will be learning to paint in a sculpted like form real easyHere Is A Preview Of What You ll LearnLearn how to get rosettes in an extra raised D lookA drying method to get amazing sculpted formsHow to speed up the drying by twice as fastA secret way of transferring your practice tests to the canvasMistakes to Avoid in varnishingWhat many other paintings can be made from your practice testsBackground samplesBonusesList of Supplies already linked to where you can order onlineThe people who would benefit by taking this course are Those looking to paint something different and funSeniors or retireesThose looking to start a painting hobby or this thick painting styleThose fascinated by D forms coming to life off the surfaceThose who want to show off something truly amazing to friends and familyThose wanting to escape pain and be distracted for awhileThose who will invest in their own quality art supplies Simple Sculptural Rose, link available inside free preview to learn how to get the paint thick and where to buy it in bulk Over , people have signed up for this fun course so far Then follow this book s project example of D rosette squeeze painting fun that can be painted after learning some of the basics Ruth shares many secrets and has an already linked a supply list at the end for you, of where to order supplies to save you from hunting them downWhat people are saying I highly recommend Ruth Collis Impasto Style D Sculptural painting book makes my mind spin with the unlimited creative painting possibilities I encountered Ruths Unique art about a year ago and have followed her continued exciting journey, I found her book to be Informative and creatively entertaining Easy asinstructions Ruth as an artist is original and captivating she has taken how we view art and acrylic painting to a whole new dimension Cathy DemkiwRuth Collis has an Associate degree and invented many various applications and methods to apply and sculpt paint that are in demand This book is a start of where she shares those three dimensional secrets Get this book before it gets marked up, even if you have not taken the free course yet You will still understand the jist of thingsTake action and download your copy today Tags acrylic painting techniques, impasto, impasto painting, sculptural painting, texture painting, thick painting, thick acrylics,dimensional, squeeze painting, cake decorator tips painting, acrylic, acrylics, acrylic painting, painting rosettes, sculpting paint, sculpted paint, impasto style, techniques of Ruth Collis, dimensional painting

3 thoughts on “Make Impasto Rosettes with Paint: Beginner's Guide to Acrylic Painting Using Pastry Tools (English Edition)

  1. Chicara Chicara says:

    It takes quite something to master the art of acrylic painting Ruth Collins seems to have not only mastered it but has come up with easy tips and tricks to help others I liked the tip on how to create rosettes in a raised 3D look What s amazing is that you only have to use pastry tools and there is no need of trips to expensive art supply stores.

  2. G. Hathorn G. Hathorn says:

    This is so fun I would have never thought to make cake decorating into a painting This has easy to follow instructions and great tips.

  3. Travis Travis says:

    For any artist, this is a great idea, easy step by step guide to make rosettesIf you want to be original in your art then go for it Super book.