An Everyone Culture: Becoming a Deliberately Developmental Organization (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Robert Kegan, Lisa Laskow Lahey, Matthew L. Miller, Andy Fleming, Deborah Helsing, Stephen R. Thorne, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks Prime –

What if a company did everything in its power to create a culture in which everyone could overcome their own internal barriers to change and use errors and vulnerabilities as prime opportunities for personal and company growth Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey have found and studied such companies deliberately developmental organizations A DDO is organized around the conviction that organizations will best prosper when they are deeply aligned with people s strongest motive, which is to grow This means going beyond consigning people development to high potential programs, executive coaching, or once a year off sites It means fashioning an organizational culture in which support of people s development is woven into the daily fabric of working life and the company s regular operations, daily routines, and conversations An Everyone Culture dives deep into the worlds of three leading companies that embody this breakthrough approach It reveals the design principles, concrete practices, and underlying science at the heart of DDOs from their disciplined approach to giving feedback to how they use meetings to the distinctive way that managers and leaders define their roles

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  1. T. Puta T. Puta says:

    This is one of the most profound books on organizational psychology that I have every read The authors depict in detail what are the key attributes of an organisation that brings about vertical personality development of its members on all levels The theory is written concisely and easy to grasp and the pragmatic aspects how is it done and how to transform into a DDO are elaborately explained with reference to three example organisations which was very insightful for me The book is easy to read for the most part And I really like the cover.I recommend the book to anyone looking for scientifically founded forms of collaboration that are effective in terms of business value and at the same time fullfil the human need for thriving and happiness for everyone involved.

  2. Markus Tacker Markus Tacker says:

    In An Everyone Culture the authors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey explore Deliberately Developmental Organizations DDOs.In these organizations adult development is part of the core business model they don t invest into the personal development of their employees because they must but because they believe that there is a fundamental different concept of the employee they are part of the organization with all their warts The idea is in many organizations a lot of effort is invested into appearing to be perfect or flawless, to cover up ones insecurities and to cover for others insecurities I let you get through with this because you will do the same for me on another occasion The authors call this having a second, unpaid job How organizations where able to eliminite this second, unpaid job by bringing your full self to work in order to work on your shortcomings on company time is explained with a lot of real life examples.You get to look inside three organizations from completely different industries movie theaters real estate, hedge fund managament, and IT You get to experience working in such an environment basically from a first person view and are taken directly into real situations All have one astounding similarity in common these organizations have created a safe environment to be yourself and be open about your problems They go even so far to make them publically available for everyone in the organization to look up And this is the crucial part creating a nurturing and helpful environment is not easy to build, and it changes the understanding of what being at work means so radically, that it does not fit everybody Constantly working on yourself, personally and professionally, is nothing everybody is able to do But the results are fascinating they are only postive in this book, though.The second important concept in the book is the removal of professional seniority The idea that one can keep working in your job basically forever is discarded Which makes perfectly sense today because of two things no job role will be there forever and not change, things you ve learned two years ago are soon outdated But important the longer you do a job the less creative and open you are for new and better ideas and change In DDOs, as soon as you master your current role you are rotated to a coaching role for this position and after that assigned to a new role where you start over as a newbie And this is true for every job in those organizations not only for those employees that want to work like this anyway This creates a constant influx of new ideas in all parts of the organization and enabled the three examples in the book to become respected industry leaders.I ve taken away a lot of new ideas about how organizations can be run, and learned how attractive personal development in the context of your organization can be and that the benefits are bigger then I would have estimated.This book is also a great example for the saying Culture eats strategy for breakfast no strategy can deal with crisis like a team where everybody knows everyones shortcomings and how to work with them.Highly recommended

  3. A. Carlton A. Carlton says:

    A truly revolutionary management book It investigates several highly successful US companies who have independently come up with the same basic idea if the company spends as much time developing its people as it does doing business, the business will grow and the people will flourish, and the two things are not separate, they are one thing With practical exercises and loads of detail For anyone interested in human development at work.

  4. Customer Customer says:

    Really its a case study of 4 5 US businesses I like the concept of being deliberately developmental so it is useful but like with lots of this sort of text, the point is made within a paragraph or two.

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Great book and brings a lot of good stuff together in one place thank you

  6. Dominique Arrighi Dominique Arrighi says:

    Ce livre marque une nouvelle tape du travail de Bob Kegan et de Lisa Lahey, tous deux professeurs la Harvard Graduate School of Education sur le thme du dveloppement humain l ge adulte Ayant montr une poque o cela n tait pas une vidence que le dveloppement humain continuait dans la vie adulte au travers de la capacit apprhender la complexit mentale voirThe Evolving SelfetIn Over our Heads The Mental Demands of Modern Life Paper et avoir mis au point une mthode efficace pour faciliter cette volution How the Way We Talk Can Change the Way We Work Seven Languages for TransformationetImmunothrapie du changement, les auteurs prsentent dans ce livre comment ce concept de dveloppement humain peut devenir l axe central sur lequel est con u le dveloppement d organisations.Ils nous dcrivent dans cet ouvrage 3 entreprises pionnires, qui, sans se conna tre, ont fond leur modle de fonctionnement sur cette ide du dveloppement humain comme composante majeure et indissociable de leur efficacit Chacune est reconnue depuis plusieurs annes dans son domaine pour ses rsultats largement suprieurs ceux de ses concurrents La description qui en est fait peut inquiter Elle montre des pratiques o la vulnrabilit est bienvenue, o faire voluer chacun hors de sa zone de confort est une pratique institutionnalise Tout cela requiert l assentiment des collaborateurs et une trs grande thique des employeurs.La puissance de ce livre vient du renversement radical qu il opre sur les conceptions humaines qui sous tendent les pratiques managriales Jusqu ici, l intriorit tait largement ignore des livres de management Et bien des difficults que l on rencontre dans la conduite du changement viennent de cette conception anthropologique errone Avec ces entreprises qui leur ont servi dfinir le concept de deliberately developmental organizations c est dire d organisations axes sur le dveloppement humain, Kegan et Lahey nous invitent considrer et pratiquer autrement le management des personnes, une poque o le changement requiert des reconfigurations de nos schmas de pense.C est un grand livre qui fera date.A noter pour les lecteurs fidles de ces auteurs que la reprise d un chapitre pratiquement tel quel d Immunothrapie du Changement et la description de la mthode Immunity to Change appara tront superflue Mais il suffit de passer les deux chapitres.

  7. Marie-Claude Collette Marie-Claude Collette says:

    Les travaux de Kegan veloppement des personnes et des organisations Le plus rcent ouvrage An everyone culture 2016 vient enrichir la collection en reprenant la mthodologie propre Kegan e la dimension de l quipe D une fa on pratique et complte, les auteurs nous expliquent, preuves l appui, comment russir une transformation organisationnelle et dvelopper le potentiel des organisations et des individus qui les composent.Comme coach je suis trs sensible et rceptive ce genre de travaux, pourquoi D abord, ils sont largement soutenus et appuys par la recherche et la science.De plus, ils mettent les individus au c ur d une dynamique organisationnelle russie.Ils clament haut et fort que les adultes peuvent et doivent se dvelopper de fa on continue, allant jusqu dire que si ce besoin n est pas combl, la performance, la sant de l individu et par consquent, de l organisation, s en trouveront affectes Mon intr t premier vise la personne Mon regard se pose sur ses motivations profondes, ses valeurs, ses croyances, ses habilets et ses limitations dans son processus de dveloppement Et c est par les personnes qu une organisation peut se dvelopper C est logique n est ce pas Alors pourquoi encore aujourd hui, n y accordons nous pas encore assez d attention Keagan tails l importance de considrer l organisation et son fonctionnement comme un incubateur du dveloppement des personnes Une ralit qui demande engagement, dtermination et courage de chacune de ses composantes, du premier au dernier, et ce, chaque jour.Votre organisation supporte rellement le dveloppement des personnes si Elle vous aide identifier un dfi personnel, important pour vous et qui a une valeur pour elle un dfi que vous pourrez travailler de manire vous dvelopper.Des membres de l quipe sont au courant de cet axe de dveloppement et vous supportent dans vos efforts Ce soutien est tangible, bien rel Votre objectif est important pour eux autant que pour vous m me.Vous avez l occasion de pratiquer, de vous exercer dvelopper cette nouvelle comptence quotidiennement.Lorsque cette comptence est acquise, on la reconna t, on la clbre et, lorsque vous tes pr t, on vous offre la possibilit de poursuivre votre dveloppement.Si c est votre ralit, je suis convaincue que vos affaires, votre profitabilit, la qualit de votre milieu de travail ainsi que la satisfaction de votre clientle en retirent de grands bnfices Bonne lecture

  8. Joan Diaz Joan Diaz says:

    Very inspiring book, all the stuff have practical and scientific point of view so I think it s really complet and you can take a good look how these companies work

  9. Anna Anna says:

    Very well written easy to read even though it is by academics And not just theoretical either very practical advice that can be put into practice

  10. Krishna Prasad Krishna Prasad says:

    A novel approach to examining culture and importantly focusing on individual and consequently organizational development In addition, demonstrating that this has a direct correlation to business performance.

  11. Far Kray Far Kray says:

    Excelente libro de lo mejor que he ledo en el desarrollo de la cultura organizacional de verdad lo recomiendo mucho Ojal que estuvieran ms econmicos eso es todo