[[ Pdf ]] Fluid Art Recipes and Art Journal: Over 100 Paint Pouring MixturesAutor Rick Cheadle – Albawater.co

I am a self taught paint pouring artist I have learned by making many mistakes and finding ways to fix them I have always kept a journal in my studio This book and the recipes within are taken from those journals I often refer to them for color palette ideas and design elementsThose of you familiar with the art of paint pouring know that duplicating an original fluid art piece is impossible BUT, The choices of paint colors, additives and techniques used can be duplicated The recipes in this book are meant to be a guide to help you but I still encourage experimentation and tweaking to fit your own artistic styleTeaching and sharing is a passion of mine and Im hopeful these recipes will help you The second half of this book is a blank sketchbook journal for you to write your own recipes, observations and ideasHappy Pouring

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