Brave New Work: Are You Leseny to Reinvent Your Organization? (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Aaron Dignan, Aaron Dignan, Penguin Bücher Ltd: Audible Audiobooks eBook –

Penguin presents the audiobook edition of Brave New Work written and read by Aaron Dignan The way we work is broken It takes forever to get anything done Meetings and emails are incessant Bureaucracy stifles talent and creativity After decades of management theory and multiple waves of technological and societal change, is this really the best we can do Aaron Dignan teaches companies how to eliminate red tape, tap in to collective intelligence and rethink long held traditions that no longer make sense In Brave New Work, he shows you how to revolutionize the way your company works forever Using stories from companies at the cutting edge of organizational transformation, Brave New Work will show you how to transform your team, department and business from the inside out, making work adaptable, abundant and human It is packed with new tactics and tips for updating your company s operating system the simple rules and assumptions so deeply embedded that you don t even think to question them Learn how to reignite passion and energy throughout your organization and to build a company that runs itself

10 thoughts on “Brave New Work: Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Organization? (Hörbuch-Download): Aaron Dignan, Aaron Dignan, Penguin Books Ltd: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Frank Thun Frank Thun says:

    Aaron denkt in Management Praktiken Er definiert daf r 12 Kategorien die das New Work Gewusel an Praktiken ordnen Das ist sehr hilfreich We Laloux gelesen hat und sich nach mehr Griffigkeit sehnt, wird hier f ndig.

  2. Lily K. Lily K. says:

    This book, along with the mindset it proposes is just the way work and work evolution finds into modern economy The ideas proposed and very well presented in the book are usable, testable and with toms of derivative learnings for every organization in the verge of changing and evolving For a human way of work and a faster way to change your organization 100% recommended.

  3. Markus Markus says:

    A lot of good perspectives and thoughts and plentiful ideas to work on I read many books about agile organisation but this is definitely one of the best It offers a very hands on approach and contagious inspiration.

  4. David David says:

    Last week the book Brave New Work was released and I was very eager to get started and I finished the book already Aaron Dignan takes us on a journey into transforming the operating system OS of organisations According to Aaron THE PROBLEM ISN T OUR PEOPLE IT S NOT OUR LEADERS EITHER IT S OUR OPERATING SYSTEM People Positive and Complexity Conscious are the foundational mindsets that underpin both the domains on the OS canvas and the way of transforming I really like their philosophy of continuous participatory change based on the tensions and bright spots that are currently present in the teams and organisation.It s an inspiring, encouraging and highly recommended read for those wanting to reinvent their organisation Let s create workplaces that are adaptative, vital, human and fun

  5. Sacha Storz Sacha Storz says:

    As an Agile Coach I have been in touch with the new work movement for quite while Like Laloux Reinventing Organizations and Denning s Age of Agile this book is an inspiration for everyone who wants to try new ways of working, be it agile, sociocracy or just plain and simple non dysfunctional collaboration as and within an organization.

  6. Frank Thun Frank Thun says:

    A book fully saturated in the liberated or evolutionary companies tradition The main part is about the Operating System Canvas a practical tool for companies or units to start working with new work practices holistically

  7. kinimod kinimod says:

    I like Netter berblick mit tollen Beispielen Habe mir anschlie end noch das Bich dazu geholt

  8. Barbara Stockinger Barbara Stockinger says:

    There is lot of work for us to change the way we change Thanks for putting together this book

  9. Liam Cahill Liam Cahill says:

    Brave New Work offers a wonderful, insightful and inspiring perspective on how responsive and evolutionary organisations can come to be and keep doing so It s witty, full of pragmatic ideas and suggestions that can help people create their own change It has left me excited and buzzing.If there is one constructive view I can offer, it s that the perspective isn t extended to factoring boards, and how this picture would put could look as a result But this is so minor given how comprehensive the rest of the book is.

  10. N. J. Parker N. J. Parker says:

    The book provides a useful overview for those seeking an alternative way of organisational being It also provides some helpful tools Some of the information is out of date, suggesting a reliance on what has been written by others without recent verifucation.