Herunterladen epub LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn to Drive More Sales Through Social Selling (Hörbuch-Herunterladen): Amazon.de: Melonie Dodaro, Amy O'Mara Borkstrom, Top Dog Social Media: Audible Audiobooks – Albawater.co

LinkedIn is an untapped goldmine of leads, but few people understand how to convert those leads into clients The sad fact is, there are very few who are using LinkedIn to build meaningful connections that translate into measurable sales results Forget the old sales and marketing gimmicks In this eye opening audiobook, Melonie Dodaro explains how to master social selling on LinkedIn to generate BB leads and clients LinkedIn Unlocked is a social selling road map that will help you generate a consistent flow of quality leads You will learn How to turn your LinkedIn profile into a client attraction magnet Social selling best practices and LinkedIn etiquette How to send LinkedIn messages that command a response The right and wrong way to use content marketing to build authority, credibility, and trust How to stay top of mind in your network and importantly with your potential prospects How to convert cold LinkedIn prospects into high value clients How to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine for your business From the author of the number one best seller The LinkedIn Code, LinkedIn Unlocked is the new, updated, and definitive audiobook on attracting leads, clients, and sales from LinkedIn

7 thoughts on “LinkedIn Unlocked: Unlock the Mystery of LinkedIn to Drive More Sales Through Social Selling (Hörbuch-Download): Amazon.de: Melonie Dodaro, Amy O'Mara Borkstrom, Top Dog Social Media: Audible Audiobooks

  1. Anna Schulze Anna Schulze says:

    I ve read quite a few books by LinkedIn experts, but this one by Melonie Dodaro stands out She consistently goes beyond the basic details and facts about LinkedIn to deliver real insights that you can use For example, I didn t know about my SSI score or how to check it until I read LinkedIn Unlocked Melonie s focus on teaching you what is important to know makes it this book an essential tool for networking, building relationships and generating leads on LinkedIn.

  2. Hartmut Goetze Hartmut Goetze says:

    After reading LinkedIn Unlocked , setting up my social selling playbook as suggested in the book, and after only one week of executing this plan, I am in dialogue now with 3 business leaders of my target group Amazing Thank you, Melonie

  3. T.Ellyson T.Ellyson says:

    Thank you, Melodie.As a new business startup, I am clueless about marketing in the age of the internet I have read other books that provided a theoretical perspective and found them to be lacking Linkedin Unlocked will give you a step by step method on how to perform marketing via Linkedin.Thank you again, Melodie Your book is great

  4. Oliver Wegner Oliver Wegner says:

    I have not expected that generating leads through LinkedIN is so easy but it makes sense Many Thanks to Melonie for sharing.

  5. Judith G. Judith G. says:

    Melonie ist ein Meisterwerk gelungen Das Buch geht vom Lesen direkt ins Umsetzen ber Ich bin begeistert Ich nutze LinkedIn schon l nger und konnte eine Menge mitnehmen und bereits umsetzen Konkrete Tipps von einer Expertin, die es versteht kurzweilig durch die Themen zu f hren Absolut empfehlenswert.

  6. Foxy Brown Foxy Brown says:

    On the whole this is a well written and easy read I got through it all in one sitting What I liked about it is that that it gives a very clear overview of social selling and how to get started The templates for responses were particularly helpful A great beginners walk through of the benefits of using and connecting with LinkedIn.Now, for the reason for giving three stars I thought for the money, 15.00 GBP, I expected in depth case studies from her own extensive client base e.g what they have used LinkedIn for and how they have increased sales connections.The other reason for the low rating is for the recommendations of 3rd party apps to manage your contacts on Linkedin I conducted a bit of research and discovered that 3rd party apps contravene LinkedIn s terms and conditions of use and therefore you run the risk of getting your account suspended These recommendations should not have been included from an expert and therefore was pretty disappointing.

  7. Trevor Emdon Trevor Emdon says:

    LinkedIn Unlocked is comprehensive and thorough It s not a cover to cover read for me but rather a book I like to dip into for reference when I m on LinkedIn or thinking about changing or updating something there I m not a beginner online, nor am I new to LinkedIn, so it was useful to find that there were some things I hadn t thought of or didn t know, along with the reassurance that someone who clearly has some expertise in the area endorses what I ve done.It s a pity there s such a large price gap between the Kindle version which is what I have and the paperback because it would be useful to be able to bookmark and highlight some pages and passages and to flick through the physical book Having paid for the Kindle version I m reluctant to lay out than double the price again for the same information, but perhaps that s just my innate thriftiness One final point is that you can expect ongoing marketing from the author once you are on her mailing list Some is useful, some for me not so much and I feel some of it is a little pushy I didn t remove a star from the book review over the issu because the book is a stand alone product and is worthy of that rating in its own right.