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Painting on canvas poses many exciting opportunities for the artist Along with the immediacy, vibrancy and unpredictability of watercolours, it is a liberating and creative process This practical book explains how to start painting with watercolours on canvas and goes on to encourage new style and experimentation It gives step by step demonstrations on different techniques to achieve loose, dynamic images It is a beautiful and passionate account of how to work on a non traditional surface to achieve striking and innovative paintings It covers advice on selecting and preparing canvases to accept watercolour ways to adapt your materials and working process to canvases step by step demonstrations on different techniques to achieve loose, dynamic images Ideas for experimentation, both in style and subject, and stunning, finished images to inspire A beautiful book that shows how to paint with watercolour on canvas to achieve bold, stunning results Of great interest to all artists and craftsmen, it is superbly illustrated withcolour photographs Liz Chaderton is a professional watercolour artist and specializes in painting animals

5 thoughts on “Painting Watercolours on Canvas (English Edition)

  1. Monika Monika says:

    Not worth it, very generic book, having very little coverage about what is in the title Most of the things you probably already experimented.

  2. limner limner says:

    I was keen to get information about painting watercolour on canvas, having acquired two different brands of semi absorbent ground but being unsure of the best way to proceed I was concerned how relevant this book was going to be to me since the work of the author differs dramatically from mine in subject, style and scale The author s work is of wildlife, painted impressionistically and large whilst mine is landscape, realist and smaller I need not have worried This small book thoroughly covers every topic I was interested in from what materials and equipment to use, an exhaustive comparison of available grounds and a lot of innovative and practical ideas on techniques This was invaluable since it not only covered the advantages of this medium but also its limitations with some excellent ideas on how to avoid the latter.It is aimed at experienced watercolourists who want to try this new surface, rather than at beginners, but is written in a helpful, down to earth manner that addresses making a watercolour painting on canvas from start to finish It answered every question I had about working on this surface including covering problems that had not occurred to me and I am sure has saved me time, mistakes and frustration in trying this surface out I feel that it was worth every penny and recommend it to anyone else who is curious about trying this surface.

  3. John-Paul W. John-Paul W. says:

    A comprehensive, logically structured and beautfully presented guide for novices and experienced artists.The book begins by laying out the many advantages of painting watercolour on canvas rather than paper, before covering every aspect of the process from materials selection to display of the finished piece.The writer s accessible style makes for an easy and pleasant read, and her regular personal observations share both her expertise and her passion for the subject.It s also worth mentioning that the book is illustrated throughout in colour, with the artist s, and selected others , own creations, making it inspirational as well as practical, and a very pleasant browse, particularly for animal lovers.The back cover mentions the author also teaches so I looked up her website where a range of courses are listed.

  4. Violet Barnes Violet Barnes says:

    I loved this book as soon as I opened it, but then I decided to have a go with watercolour on canvas, and I found it an invaluable resource This is one of the best written, most informative books on art that I have come across Unlike many lovely inspiring art books, this gets right to the nitty gritty of the technicalities it is not really a how to paint in watercolours on canvas , in that it sort of assumes you already paint in watercolours So it is of a guide to what you need to know about the preparation and completion of watercolour paintings on canvas But in Liz s inimitable style, and in recognition that many new products are coming on to the market, you are also encouraged to experiment and branch out.

  5. Janet Wilman Janet Wilman says:

    This is a fabulous book Really good advice and instructions Liz is an amazing artist, and generously shares her skill A must buy for lovers of water colour on a new medium