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The book is clearly written and should be of value to honours students in physics and mathematics A useful feature is the large number of problems and worked examples Aslib Book Guide, VolNo , OctoberMichel Le Bellac s book surveys the whole field, but is particuarly good on the physics of condensed matter It is written in a very clear way The book is well planned, carefully written and pedagogically sound Times Higher Education SupplementQuantum field thory is a fundamental branch of theoretical physics, which in the lastyears, has led to spectacular progress in our understanding of phase transitions and elementary particle physics This textbook emphasizes the underlying unity of the concepts and methods used in both domains, and presents in clear language topics such as the pertubative expansion, Feynman diagrams, renormalization, and the renormalization group It contains detailed applications of critical phenomena to condensed matter physics, such as the calculation of critical exponents and a discussion of the XY model Applications to particle physics include quantum electrodynamics and chromodynamics, electroweak interactions, and lattice gauge theories The book is based on courses given over several years on statistical mechanics and field theory, and is written at graduate level It attempts to guide the reader through a somewhat difficult and sometimes intricate subject Further it is intended to lead the student up to the level ofadvanced textbooks and research articles A large number of problems are given to measure the reader s understanding