Audible Elementary Fluid Dynamics By D J Acheson –

Much recent research is incorporated This makes the book interesting to read, the writing is clear and careful, anticipating students difficulties I feel confident that it will be deservedly successful Times Higher Education Supplement in this excellent mathematical undergraduate text, the author has managed to discuss the major topics in inviscid and viscous fluid dynamics MATHEMATIKA a comprehensive and absorbing introduction to the mathematical study of fluid behaviour Physics BriefsThroughout, the author demonstrates his awareness of the relevance of his material, and conveys his enthusiasm for it His book has its own particular flavour, contains a wealth of information, and is mathematically secure It can be confidently recommended Journal of Fluid Mechanics a very readable book and the authors attractive style makes it an enjoyable exercise Professor N C Freeman University of Newcastle , Contemporary Physics, Volume , Number , March AprilThe book is aimed at applied mathematicians, physicists, and engineers, but is carefully and clearly written and could cheerfully grace the shelves of any pure mathematician interested in the real world New Scientist Throughout he lovingly describes experiments and presents drawings of the results Acheson s voice is almost conversational He includes many good exercises with hints and answers in the back I really find this a very attractive book and am happy to recommend it for a first graduate course in fluid mechanics Physics TodayThe study of the dynamics of fluids is a central theme of modern applied mathematics It is used to model a vast range of physical phenomena and plays a vital role in science and engineering This textbook provides a clear introduction to both the theory and application of fluid dynamics, and will be suitable for all undergraduates coming to the subject for the first time Prerequisites are few a basic knowledge of vector calculus, complex analysis, and simple methods for solving differential equations are all that is needed Throughout, numerous exercises with hints and answers illustrate the main ideas and serve to consolidate the reader s understanding of the subject The book s wide scope including inviscid and viscous flows, waves in fluids, boundary layer flow, and instability in flow and frequent references to experiments and the history of the subject, ensures that this book provides a comprehensive and absorbing introduction to the mathematical study of fluid behaviour