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Scientific knowledge grows at a phenomenal pace but few books have had as lasting an impact or played as important a role in our modern world as The Mathematical Theory of Communication, published originally as a paper on communication theory than fifty years ago Republished in book form shortly thereafter, it has since gone through four hardcover and sixteen paperback printings It is a revolutionary work, astounding in its foresight and contemporaneity The University of Illinois Press is pleased and honored to issue this commemorative reprinting of a classic Dans cette article Shannon fonde la th orie de l information qui participera l av nement de l informatique C est un livre que tout math maticien informaticien devrait lire afin de se rendre compte quelle point une id e simple et intuitive peut changer le monde C est un must have pour toutes biblioth ques scientifiques qui se respecte. A known masterpiece which should be in the personal library of all interested in this field. Essential background reading for information scientists. In this book, Shannon tries to convey the meaning and applications of entropy in communication on 100 pages there are 20 pages of introduction by a Mr Weaver I believe Shannon wrote the book mainly for engineers, because the mathematical presentation is rather sketchy, and often you feel that he assumes that his readers have already some engineering experience in communication Entropy and related concepts channel capacity, redundancy, really become meaningful to the reader only if they are applied to practical examples The book is a bit uneven in this respect, because sometimes Shannon provides the examples, and sometimes he doesn t I found this book an interesting but tough read, asking a lot of extra pencil and paper labour from me Some quantities e g the symbol length are designated by different letters in different chapters, which I found confusing The writing itself is very clear and pleasant I would say, as a stand alone introductory text the book is too sketchy. It is unusual that a researcher lays the theoretical foundation of an entire research area and manage to describe it in such a pedagogic way First published the year before in Bell System Technical Journal, this work has been cited over 80 000 times and is hence one of the most important svientific works during the 20th century Moreover, its significance has only increased with time since it was written This is one of the founding stones of the Information Era. Shannon ist der Begr nder der Informationstheorie und daher ist das Buch ein must have f r s Studium etc.pp die sich mit Informationen auseinander setzen aze qsd wxc xcv sdf ert rty tyu ghj dfg cvb sdf fgh jkl erg vb rjrthj rjhrth rthsdgf xasx I use the mathematical theory of communication in every professional piece of writing I undertake It underpins every edit to make sure the item remains as effective as possible It s never let me down.That said, this isn t an accessible read There s a lot of maths here although you don t need to follow it all to understand the basic theory , and if you re aged under 25 the communication terms may seem archaic Although the terms date, and the numbers can be difficult, the theory itself, whether applied practically or theoretically, is timeless and easily applied to see effective results.Read the theory, play around with it, and don t be afraid to Google the complicated bits. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass dieser Klassiker der Informationstheorie noch erh ltlich ist und habe mich sehr gefreut, ihn nun einmal live und in voller L nge kennenzulernen.