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This paperback reprint of a classic book deals with all phases of light, color, and color vision, providing comprehensive data, formulas, concepts, and procedures needed in basic and applied research in color vision, colorimetry, and photometry

6 thoughts on “Color Science P (WCL): Concepts and Methods, Quantitative Data and Formulae (Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics)

  1. Alessandro Anglisani Alessandro Anglisani says:

    se ti interessi di colore,colorimetria etc..o devi avereper quelli che non hanno pazienza o un forte interesse sconsigliato un tomo enorme pieno di calcoli e graficidifficile da capire se non si ha una forte e adeguata base matematica.ma se vuoi sapere che cosa il lab o da dove viene la tricromialo devi avere..almeno per direio ce l ho la bibbia del colore

  2. D. Vader D. Vader says:

    This book uses a horrible mathematical notation and manages to make simple concepts seem complicated The diagrams are all in black and white, which is ironic for a book about color On pages 122 123 the authors apparently assume the reader doesn t understand integral calculus elsewhere integration is used without apology The use of an anomaloscope is described, but the instrument itself is not If there is a description of subtractive color mixing the basis for color printing , I can t find it The subject index is hopelessly inadequate These are only a few of the book s many flaws.

  3. Kevin M. Kevin M. says:

    I spent ten years as a professional color scientist in feature film post production in Hollywood, completing hundreds of theatrically released films This book was an indispensable reference, particularly useful during the industry migration from primarily film to primarily digital acquisition methods As the other reviewers have alluded, it is math heavy It is also exhaustive and complete If you really want to understand the empirical science behind the illusion of color, this is the book for you If you are looking for a lightweight overview of color concepts, this is not the book that you want.

  4. J. Stellbrink J. Stellbrink says:

    I bought this book for my studies in the M.S Color Science program at the Rochester Institute of Technology It is a very detailed and math oriented view of many aspects related to color color science I ve sometimes heard it referred to as the Bible of Color Science.Bottom line is that it s a great reference book for detailed, mathemetical views of Color Science topics It s not a very good book to read for general information or an overview on color science I d highly recommend Principles of Color Technology by Roy Berns as a good all around 1st book on color science Much easier and enjoyable to read The Wyszecki Stiles is of a reference book if you need the next level of detail after that.

  5. R. G. W. Brown R. G. W. Brown says:

    This bible in the world of Color needs up dating but it is the foundation stone If you are seriously in the color business, you will need this book on your bookshelf from time to time.

  6. Samuel P. Subbarao Samuel P. Subbarao says:

    This is probably not a good first book in color science However, if you do have knowledge of the field or are taking a class in it then it can be a very good reference.