{Audiobooks} Concepts of Mass in Classical and Modern PhysicsAuthor Max Jammer – Albawater.co

Concepts, if you study them carefully, can reveal keys tohow to make progress in our knowledge and understanding Theyare than just ideas related to and involving sense impressions , but they are and can be the meaning of meaningful words Thus they provide a framework for our thinking and provide directions and perspectives in which to judge our understanding and viewpoints.In science and physics, the concepts note the author s use of the plural here of the idea of what a physical, scientifcally observable substance or mass is, is a fundamental problem which took humankind centuries, even milleninia in order to get a good and useful epistomological handle on This book along with its two companions..Concepts of Space and Force are gemstones of knowledge in this area And I find myself in agreement with Dr Albert Einsteins assessment of the value of the work in his foreword to Concepts of Space We rarely find a person who has the philogical and historical training required for critical interpretation and comparison of the source material, which is spread over centuries I have the impression that Dr Jammer, has demonstrated and in this case, these conditions are satisfied. I found this book utterly pedantic and boring Why would I care what the ancients said about mass, unless as part of a systematic study of the thought of the different philosophers I found the treatment of Newtonian and relativistic theory labored and lacking in insight Just study Newtonian mechanics, special relative, and general relativity and you will understand the notion of mass Also cosmology and dark matter dark energy. Great Difficult to read. Prize winning exposition of the historical development of the concept of mass analyzes such topics as the ancient concept of mass, the neoplatonic concept of inertia, conceptualization of inertial mass, modern concept of mass, mass and energy, concept of mass in quantum mechanics and field theory, and muchedition