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Students progressing to advanced calculus are frequently confounded by the dramatic shift from mechanical to theoretical and from concrete to abstract This text bridges the gap, offering a systematic development of the real number system and careful treatment of mappings, sequences, limits, continuity, and metric spacesedition I like this book a lot It has a rather limited scope as the title suggests, however, this narrow view point is a great strength as it keeps the reader focused on essential details. When you learn advanced calculus for the first time, you may be confused by those many properties of metric spaces If you do, the last short chapter will clear things out It is short, clear and easy to follow The first five chapters are not as good as the last one, so I rate this book a four star Last chapter alone is worth it This last chapter is even better than the Baby Rudin s chapter 2. Do not buy the Kindle version of this book I did, and found that all logic relations are indicated with only the same symbol a square Unless you already know what the relationship is from the context, the square will not indicate what it should be.