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Prandtl was one of the great theorists of aerodynamics and this work has long been considered one of the finest introductory works in the field Topics include flow through pipes, Prandtl s own work on boundary layers, drag, airfoil theory, and entry conditions for flow in a pipe. Here are Tietjens reformulations and extension of Prandtl s 1930s era lectures in English The calculation of skin friction dues to a turbulent boundary layer applies to boat bottoms is useful for me.The basic theory is not there, they use one component of the stress tensor without defining the stress tensor The definition s presumably in the basic book by the same authors The discussion of lift and drag on a wing is interesting because in places it s not done rigorously, but physicist style, trying to get to the main idea via a back of the envelope calculation E.g., the drag due to the starting vortex I like the book. Fundamentals of Hydro and Aeromechanics by Prandtl is much better This little fluid dynamics book is still one of the best intro works to the whole field of theoretical and applied fluid dynamics My edition is a very early one which I value so much that I had it rebound It seems oddly up to date despite being written by a World War Two era author That seems to show just how big an influence Prandtl has had on the applied mathematics of fluid dynamics we basically follow on directly in the direction Prandtl found using its ideas, terms and math Just a bit of my edition s notation is odd not so common nowadays but the notation of this general field varies so much anyway that this is not much a problem The style is clear and sharp with great illustrations and explanations I am surprised by just how much was already known so long ago at least by Prandtl So we can see why an engineering support group insisted on getting Prandtl translated early on from German into English Prandtl has been re issued via many updated editions by the way