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Grappling with the first and second laws of thermodynamics can test the intellectual mettle of even the most dedicated student of the physical sciences Approaching the subject for the first time may raisequeries and doubts than are usually handled in the basic, straightforward textbookBased on a series of lectures delivered tosopho engineering students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Dr Van Neer s clear, lucid treatment is readily comprehensible by undergraduate level science and engineering students His language is informal, his examples are vivid and lively, his perspective is fresh This book, a companion to a basic textbook, discusses thermodynamics, a topic of profound importance in the study of physics, in a manner which elucidates fundamental concepts and demonstrates their practical applicabilityIn these increasingly energy conscious and costly times, as traditional energy sources are being depleted and revolutionary new sources are contemplated, appreciating the consequences of the laws of thermodynamics isthan a fascinating avenue of intellectual inquiry it is a pragmatic concern imperative to all students, scientists, engineers, technicians, politicians, businessmen, and anyone facing the energy challenges of the future Here is help understanding concepts which will prove all important in the next centuryDr H C Van Ness is a distinguished professor of chemical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and co author of several textbooks on thermodynamics He is an unsurpassed as an expert in the field

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