Free books Ordinary Differential Equations (Dover Books on Mathematics) By M. Tenenbaum –

Bought for an actuarial student in Kenya who loved it so much he stayed up all night reading it Skillfully organized introductory text examines origin of differential equations, then defines basic terms and outlines the general solution of a differential equation Subsequent sections deal with integrating factors dilution and accretion problems linearization of first order systems Laplace Transforms Newton s Interpolation Formulas, For self study this book is amazing Very clearly articulated and well written to a degree that it seems rare in modern text books on any subject Found it as PDF for free, bought it anyway and haven t regretted for a second. This book joint together the easiest way to explain the world of the differential equation and the completeness of the explanation Despite the not so easy argument to explain is really comprehensible and complete Very good book Un excelente libro que me ayud a pasar mis primeros dos cursos de EDO en la facultad de ciencias de la UNAM Bastante completo, rico en detalles y no escatima en explicaciones de por qu se usa cierto m todo. This book is a very good introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations as it covers very well the classic elements of the theory of linear ordinary differential equations Although the book was originally published in 1963, this 1985 Dover edition compares very well with recent offerings that have glossy and plots figures in colour After all, the classic elements of the theory of linear ordinary differential equations have not change a lot since the early 20th century This book contains many, many exercises with solutions to many if not all problems I particularly enjoyed studying Lesson 21B Solution by the use of Complex Variables in Chapter 4 where I was able to use the method of annihilator learned reading the book on Ordinary Differential Equations by Earl A Coddington also Dover Edition, see Sec 11 in Chap 2 in that book in conjunction with using complex variables for solving non homogeneous equations with constant coefficients. This is one of the most complete book I have read on ODEs It starts with the foundations and does not skip details of proofs, complementing the theory with many examples and exercises I think this book is sufficiently versatile to be used by people with different Mathematical knowledge and backHighly recommended to anyone that wants tground Highly recommended I ve already done courses on Ordinary Differential Equations, but bought this book to have on my side every time I need to remember something I have already learned, and to learn deeply topics I haven t understood so well on the courses And I was surprise with the amount of topics this book covers, it has everything you will need to about ODEs, this is the most complete book you will ever buy for this amount of money, even covers numerical methods. Um timo livro sobre EDO s, apresenta de forma muito completa e com um bom n vel de rigorosidade EDOs de primeiro, segundo e maiores graus, bem como aplica es e m todos num ricos e gr ficos. A truly beautiful book Each concept is so clearly explained, it is wonderfully useful for beginners as well as others Highly recommended for self learning and especially those with little mathematical background.Thanks to for prompt delivery of this superb book M N Baig