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Great book, love Feynman Great book if you want to see the inside thinking behind quantum gravitational field theories While the lectures are old, the editors make some up to date comments If you believe that either QLG or String theory are the only right way to QG, perhaps this book is not for you, however if you want to understand the possibilities and limitations of attempting a low energy QG, this is a great reference work.Just like other Feynman lectures, there is an underlining what if way of thinking and playful discussions of the possibilities. I heard some of these in real time long ago He was a truly great and timeless physicist We truly miss him and the fun being around him.Michael She particularly liked the gray lines on the pages suggesting to the reader just how likely they were to want to delve deeply into the book. outstanding but falls short of Feynman s best, and he knew it Liked especially the amplitude to emit gravitons, formula 16.3.4, page 214, and 16.3.5, page 214, the probability of emission of a graviton emission per disintegration.In these two examples, Feynman linked an allegedly abstract particle, the quantum graviton, with particle decay phenomenology This is the strength of this volume I.e very precise calculationsThe negative, if you can call it that, is that Feynman has in this book, no coverage of the CMBR I.e he COULD NOT POSSIBLY know of it The book, is dated, badly dated, in parts, while other calculations inter relate with amazingly contemporary issues.I.e., if one picks and chooses, many of the calculations are very contemporary in terms of what they say, albeit, that Feynman did ALL of this with NO knowledge of contemporary cosmology and Inflation.My gripe, is that some of the ideas are old hat, but others are still amazingly pertinent In all, considering the year, i.e this 50 year old reference is a gem. The Feynman Lectures on Gravitation are based on notes prepared during a course on gravitational physics that Richard Feynman taught at Caltech during the academic year For several years prior to these lectures, Feynman thought long and hard about the fundamental problems in gravitational physics, yet he published very little These lectures represent a useful record of his viewpoints and some of his insights into gravity and its application to cosmology, superstars, wormholes, and gravitational waves at that particular time The lectures also contain a number of fascinating digressions and asides on the foundations of physics and other issuesCharacteristically, Feynman took an untraditional non geometric approach to gravitation and general relativity based on the underlying quantum aspects of gravity Hence, these lectures contain a unique pedagogical account of the development of Einstein s general theory of relativity as the inevitable result of the demand for a self consistent theory of a massless spinfield the graviton coupled to the energy momentum tensor of matter This approach also demonstrates the intimate and fundamental connection between gauge invariance and the principle of equivalence