{Free Textbooks} Alhacen's Theory of Visual Perception (First Three Books of Alhacen's de Aspectibus), Volume Two--English Translation: 2 (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society)Author A. Mark Smith – Albawater.co

Sometime betweenand , Ibn al Haytham completed his monumental optical synthesis, Kitab al Manazir Book of Optics By no later than , and perhaps somewhat earlier, this treatise appeared in Latin under the title De aspectibus In that form it was attributed to a certain Alhacen These differences in title and authorial designation are indicative of the profound differences between the two versions, Arabic and Latin, of the treatise In many ways, in fact, they can be regarded not simply as different versions of the same work, but as different works in their own right Accordingly, the Arab author, Ibn al Haytham, and his Latin incarnation, Alhacen, represent two distinct, sometimes even conflicting, interpretive voices And the same holds for their respective texts To complicate matters, Alhacen does not represent a single interpretive voice There were at least two translators at work on the Latin text, one of them adhering faithfully to the Arabic original, the other content with distilling, even paraphrasing, the Arabic original Consequently, the Latin text presents not one, but at least two faces to the reader Volume This two volume critical edition represents fourteen years of work on Dr Smith s part Awarded theJ F Lewis Award Volume Two English Translation