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Based on Professor Schroeder s 27 years of experience and his passion to help EVERYONE readily get and have confidence in their ability to do math Learn how high school, college, and non traditional college students, regardless of skill level, have taken advantage of the HP Prime Free app and HP Prime Calculator toreadily learn math Use this Guide to turn stress and fear about math course requirements into a can do attitude Use your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Chromebook, or Window Tablet to run the HP Prime Free or HP Prime Pro app After just two weeks of study you will be competent with the calculator or the Apple, Android, Window app Students who never got an A on an exam who use Professor Schroeder s proven method often start to receive them Use your success with the calculator and identical app for your entire education one calculator and identical app for all your future high school or college needs Learn shortcuts and common sense guidelines to solve the Algebra problems that otherwise frustrate and block so many students Learn how to simplify and solve factoring, parenthesis elimination, signed numbers, negative exponents, radical simplification, collecting like terms, calculations with units, complex fractions, addition and subtraction of fractional expressions, factoring of negative and fractional exponent expressions, andLearn alternate ways to attain algebraic building blocks, which often prevent students from progressing Keep this Guide on your phone as a handy pocket reference The content was designed with great care to be easily readable no matter what the screen size, resolution or type of device you are using for your reader Professor Schroeder says Through this Guide, learn how to use your HP Prime calculator or Apple, Android, Window app to help you learn Algebra This Guide covers your device, whether you have the touch interface handheld calculator or touch interface iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Chromebook, or Window Tablet Free or Pro app The Guide starts with basic Algebra rules and progresses to how Algebra rules are used in Calculus You can readily use this Guide if you are in Pre Algebra, Algebra I, Introductory Algebra, Algebra II, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Precalculus or any higher course where Algebra is a prerequisite The calculator s screens are used in the introduction of a new topic.The nice thing is the app s screen and interface is identical to the calculator The screen allows you to input multiple entries, calculate their results, or perform graphs using traditional math form Through its examples and its accompanying exercise, this guide provides a Rosetta Stone effect with the language of math Each example and its quick check interactive exercise show both the HP Prime and the traditional step by step solution.A powerful feature that you will want to learn is the creation of global libraries and Application Library apps This Guide illustrates the steps needed for creating a global library or Application Library app and using the library s commands or the Application Library app s features Global libraries and this Guide s technique allow you to define a single or multiple one line functions on a page Global one line functions can be any formula found in a book, new tool commands, or a set of functions that help with the understanding of complex math concepts There are examples of all of these in this Guide Learn how to create and run both kinds of Application Library apps, Ones that run from the Application Library screens and ones that run from the Home view or CAS view Use this Guide and the HP Prime CAS technology to check your solutions and submit assignments that are error free When you happen to have difficulties with a step, you can use your HP Prime CAS device to help you work that step until you master it.

5 thoughts on “HP Prime Guide Algebra Fundamentals: HP Prime Revealed and Extended (HP Prime Innovation in Education Series)

  1. KenSchwarz KenSchwarz says:

    Poorly organized and written, this book is a mess I should have paid attention to the negative reviews already posted, they are right.

  2. Scott B. Bradley Scott B. Bradley says:

    I found this book impossible to read and gave up just 20 or so pages in.This is not so much a tutorial or a textbook, but a series of bullet pointed notes I suspect that perhaps they are the notes the author uses to teach his math class, and much of it doesn t really make sense outside of that classroom context Unlike a tutorial format, many of the points seem to be made out of the order of the actual calculations Most of the book is not written in complete sentences, but in a truncated style that is yet strangely verbose given that the operations are all described in prose rather than shown in visual steps Keys, for example, are all referred to by names made up by the author rather than simply showing the icon for the key Many steps are simply referred to as we did this without really explaining how this was done.I suspect there is a lot of good material here Flipping through the book, it appears to get into some interesting real world application examples later on Unfortunately, I will not have the patience to get that far with this writing style.

  3. Cowboy Cowboy says:

    Good illustrations and key pad locations Examples are very good practice for learning key pad lay out It would be great if this guide was expanded to include the calculus features and practice examples.

  4. Roadrider Roadrider says:

    The book was helpful to understand the HP Prime calculator.

  5. William Meyer William Meyer says:

    A good and useful lead in to using a very complex and capable calculator.