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Excellent book Good quality paper and printing. Excellent text book on planing craft If you are a naval architect that has been classically trained on displacement ships and now have a need to work on planing boats, then this is the place to start Great book, by a Great Designer. DLB is a titan in the Naval Architecture industry If only he d gotten somebody to proof read this book before it was published Riddled with embarrassing spelling and grammar errors, and some of the paragraphs are unintelligible A bit hard to follow, even for a degree level Naval Architect Otherwise good, makes some very good points Definitely better suited for the undergraduate architect, useful as a reference book for design figures. Very detailed Get ready for some calculus. Donald Blount is a living legend in the marine industry and he explains his thought process and design techniques in great detail Anyone interested in naval architecture and yacht design will want to add this to their library. Well written, complete, clear Full of useful information for the practicing naval architect. great book Although the primary audience for this book is undergraduate university students studying naval architecture and marine engineering, the content will certainly be of interest to most designers working with high speed craft Author Donald L Blount says, My intent has been to share the technical information, decision criteria, rules of thumb, and the opinionated experiences which have helped me in making choices for developing marine craft intended to operate beyond displacement speeds According to Blount, Chapter One is a reprise of his article Original Speed, Professional BoatBuilder magazine, June Julyfollowed by nine chapters of science, my skewed views of science, a few things I don t understand, definitions of things on which no two naval architects will agree, design criteria which have been my friend, and guidance on design procedures embracing technology This book also includes numerous graphs, charts, tables, and formulas to clarify the material in the text He encourages you to personalize your copy with your own notes to make it even valuable as a reference source and has included ample space for adding comments ABOUT THE AUTHOR Donald L Blount is the founder of Donald L Blount and Associates, Inc Chesapeake, Virginia During hisplus year career, he has designed numerous noteworthy vessels including themft Destriero, which holds the non refueled Atlantic crossing record, set inwith an average speed ofknots earning the coveted Blue Ribband shown here Registered as a professional engineer in two states, Blount is a fellow of both SNAME and RINA He has served as Head of the Department of the US Navy s Combatant Craft Engineering Department and also was employed at the David Taylor Model Basin He has co authored thanpapers and articles Great and very useful book.