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Introduction to Optics is now available in a re issued edition from Cambridge University Press Designed to offer a comprehensive and engaging introduction to intermediate and upper level undergraduate physics and engineering students, this text also allows instructors to select specialized content to suit individual curricular needs and goals Specific features of the text, in terms of coverage beyond traditional areas, include extensive use of matrices in dealing with ray tracing, polarization, and multiple thin film interference three chapters devoted to lasers a separate chapter on the optics of the eye and individual chapters on holography, coherence, fiber optics, interferometry, Fourier optics, nonlinear optics, and Fresnel equationsFrank L Pedrotti, SJ was a member of the Society of Jesus and served on the faculty at a number of institutions including Marquette University from He received a PhD in Physics from the University of Cincinnati inHis research areas included solid state physics and laser optics and he taught and developed courses across the undergraduate curriculum His course notes served as the basis for the first edition of the text Introduction to Optics that he co authored with his brother, Leno S Pedrotti