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The easy way to shed light on OpticsIn general terms, optics is the science of light Morespecifically, optics is a branch of physics that describes thebehavior and properties of light including visible, infrared, andultraviolet and the interaction of light with matter Optics For Dummies gives you an approachable introductionto optical science, methods, and applications You ll getplain English explanations of the nature of light and opticaleffects reflection, refraction, and diffraction color dispersion optical devices, industrial, medical, and military applications aswell as laser light fundamentalsTracks a typical undergraduate optics courseDetailed explanations of concepts and summaries ofequationsValuable tips for study from college professorsIf you re taking an optics course for your major in physics orengineering, let Optics For Dummies shed light on thesubject and help you succeed

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