read online Prime Biocalorimetry: Foundations and Contemporary ApproachesAuthor Margarida Bastos –

Connecting past, present, and future instrument development and use, Biocalorimetry Foundations and Contemporary Approaches explores biocalorimetry s history, fundamentals, methodologies, and applications Some of the most prominent calorimeter developers and users share invaluable personal accounts of discovery, discussing innovative techniques as well as special and original applications Wide in scope, the book also covers calorimetry use on membranes, nucleic acids, and proteins and addresses both thermodynamics and kinetics The book begins with a look at the historical development of calorimeters needed for biological research It then describes advanced approaches that use high quality commercial calorimeters to study biochemical and other biological processes It also shows how novel experimental designs and data analysis procedures are applied to proteins, DNA, membranes, and living matter