It's a Numberful World: How Math Is Hiding Everywhere –

Very entertaining and interesting look at several different mathematical concepts His style reminds me of that of Isaac Asimov I hope this is just the first of many. Excellent The author has simplified mathematical topics so eloquently that you can relate to them easily He s truly made the subject accessible Kudos for not using circular definitions and jargon, while also keeping it interesting. Love this book Explains math in a new and beautiful way Love how the book is organized and the use of red color to make it visually appealing I learned about this book through the author s YouTube channel, which is awesome He teaches math to high schoolers in Sydney, Australia, makes me wish he had been my math teacher when I was younger, sure would have made it easier to understand Why arent left handers extinct What makes a rainbow round How is a pancreas like a pendulum Publishers note Its a Numberful World was published in Australia under the title Woos Wonderful World of Maths These may not look like math questions, but they arebecause they all have to do with patterns And mathematics, at heart, is the study of patterns That realization changed Eddie Woos lifeby turning the dry subject he dreaded in high school into a boundless quest for discovery Now an award winning math teacher, Woo sees patterns everywhere in the branches of blood vessels and lightning, in the growth of a savings account and a sunflower, even in his morning cup of tea Here are twenty six bite size chapters on the hidden mathematical marvels that encrypt our email, enchant our senses, and even keep us alivefrom the sine waves we hear as music to the mysterious golden ratio This book will change your mind about what math can be We are all born mathematiciansand Its a Numberful World