Free Reading Hello World: Howto be Human in the Age of the MachineAuthor Hannah Fry –

A stylish, thoughtful, and scrupulously fair minded account of what the software that increasingly governs our lives can and cannot do A beautifully accessible guide that leaps lightly from one story to the next without sparing the reader hard questions deserves a place in the bestseller charts Oliver Moody The Times With refreshing simplicity, Fry explains what AI, machine learning and complicated algorithms really mean, providing some succinct explanations of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, driverless cars and many other unnerving modern phenomena This book illustrates why good science writers are essential Katy Guest Guardian Brilliantly clearFry succinctly outlines the ethical issues that beset AI James McConnaiche Sunday Times Hello World is a gem of accessible science writing With eloquence and charm, Hannah Fry outlines the maths of computer algorithms and explains how they are transforming fields such as health, justice, transport and the arts She is a wise guide to the benefits and horrors of our increasingly data driven world Alex Bellos, author of Alex s Adventures in Numberland Expertly told, wise and with a lightness of touch, Hannah Fry s brilliant exploration of how we live our lives in the age of AI will prompt arguments in pubs and over dinner tables for years to come Adam RutherfordOne of the best books yet written on data and algorithmsserves a place on the bestseller charts The Times You are accused of a crime Who would you rather determined your fate a human or an algorithm An algorithm isconsistent and less prone to error of judgement Yet a human can look you in the eye before passing sentenceWelcome to the age of the algorithm, the story of a not too distant future where machines rule supreme, making important decisions in healthcare, transport, finance, security, what we watch, where we go even who we send to prison So how much should we rely on them What kind of future do we want Hannah Fry takes us on a tour of the good, the bad and the downright ugly of the algorithms that surround us In Hello World she lifts the lid on their inner workings, demonstrates their power, exposes their limitations, and examines whether they really are an improvement on the humans they are replacingA BBC RADIOBOOK OF THE WEEKSHORTLISTED FOR THEBAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE ANDROYAL SOCIETY SCIENCE BOOK PRIZE