read online pdf INTERVALIC THEORY: The Intervalic Structures of Subatomic Particles and the Last Foundations of Physics (vol. 1): The beautiful Theory of Everything that changes the paradigm in human knowledgeAuthor SYDNEY D AGVILO –

The beautiful Theory of Everything beyond the Standard Model that changes absolutely the paradigm in Physics and in all human knowledge making useless the Cartesian epistemology the tradicional way to measure things The INTERVALIC THEORY is a new paradigm of knowledge that opens a new epistemological era in science and the arts Developed also in Music and Economics, the Intervalic Theory in Physics is the long ago expected theory of everything that finally integrates relativity and quantum mechanics into a new theory of higher order, where all physics is yielded logically and necessarily from a unique fundamental mathematical axiom, of great simplicity An interval exists This gives rise to the intervalic dimensional system of units, a system that is not equivalent to all the others, which means that both ones can not be true While traditional systems do not imply anything substantive or have any logical connection with the physical equations, from the intervalic dimensional system of units is deduced the whole body of physics, in a logical and necessary way, and introducing no one arbitrary constant Thus, the last principles of physics reside in a single mathematical axiom, from which the fundamental symmetries of Nature and the underlying fundamental geometry of the Universe are derived, which can only be deduced from the intervalic dimensional system of units This is the reason why theoretical physics has not obtained any important advance since the middle of the th century The Intervalic Theory deduces geometrically and with astonishing detail the existence as well as the physical features and magnitudes of all subatomic particles, both detected ones and undetected yet, whose total number exceeds a hundred, and all that with astonishing mathematical precision, because physics becomes geometry thanks to the Intervalic Theory the old dream longed for by Albert Einstein that now has finally been achieved All physics, from subatomic physics to astrophysics, are entirely reformulated geometrically, which makes the misleading standard model of quantum mechanics becomes worthless and portrayed as one of the biggest mistakes in the history of physics