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The author challenges the conventional wisdom that light is just another physical entity He outlines a new role of light in the formation of the three main components of the universe God, still light the dual light waves emanated from God and the material world both organic and inorganic which is made of light bent into various spiral forms Reading this book is an important step toward understanding both the intellectual and spiritual balances that exist in the universe. If you want to know the answers to life and to understanding your existence this is a great book to read Dr Walter Russell was an absolute genius that had tapped into the infinite intelligence of the universe And in doing so he was trying to show us how to do the same thing and I can really appreciate that There are a number of other books that he had written and they are all in my library as well. I found this book interesting on the point of Electric Sun, this is the most fascinating fact that has opened really a strong and striking dialogues with my friends, peers, relatives and even with people who consider themselves as genius I am most honestly humbled by the fact which is made known by this book and I will salute the people behind this book who are struggling and making such genuine efforts to propagate this real life facts across the globe There is one thing to figure out and discover but when it comes to tell those facts to others, it is a whole new ball game History can be written in the way and thoughts of writer, but facts like the Electric Sun, can never be altered Very brave efforts to provide facts but I was not fond of other facts which goes a little contrary to my faith and information I have about the power of Light I wish not to correct or mention my views but this is my reason to give 3 stars. As a person with a background in engineering and Geophysics, i at first was very sceptical of the contents of this book, but i have to say it hit me to the core from the very first pages It answered all of the questions i had about science God and nature, that i think most of my professors would have had difficulty answering.Dr Russell takes you through a journey of self assessment, and a revision of the various scientific premises, while at the same time exposing the scientific fallacies big bang et al of today He lays down a neat scientific theory that is logical and easy to understand The one theme you will always come across in Russell s writing, is Rhythm and Balance this is by the way true to nature if you are a careful observer.For those of you who have an interest in Nikola Tesla, Keely, Ed Leedskalnin or the Electrical Universe theory, you will feel at home with Dr Russell s work If you are also open minded to other ideas, and is especially dissatisfied with the mathematical explanations of mainstream astronomy which show very little of reality, and want a new perspective on things, this book will surely stretch your mind.