Audible Machine Vision Algorithms and Applications –

The second edition of this successful machine vision textbook is completely updated, revised and expanded by 35% to reflect the developments of recent years in the fields of image acquisition, machine vision algorithms and applications The new content includes, but is not limited to, a discussion of new camera and image acquisition interfaces, 3D sensors and technologies, 3D reconstruction, 3D object recognition and state of the art classification algorithms The authors retain their balanced approach with sufficient coverage of the theory and a strong focus on applications All examples are based on the latest version of the machine vision software HALCON 13. Before I buy a kindle book, I always download a sample so I can see how well the book has been kindle ized with regard to preserving equations, figures, and special symbols math, greek embedded in the text This is important, because some technical books are virtually unuseable due to how things get mangled in the kindle version The sample for this book includes a list of figures that is so long, the sample ends before any of the actual text even starts.