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This is perhaps the best undergraduate level book on this subject The best thing about this book is that unlike other books, which get lost in the mathematics of the subject, this book concentrates on the Physics behind the Wave and Oscillations Author first clarifies the basic concepts, assumptions and discusses the Physics behind every phenomenon, and then derive the required relations with minimum mathematics AP French s deep understanding and mastery of the subject is reflected in the book and he explains the subject in his own way Excellent book and it s short and concise too Sumit Rawat Mar , A fresh explanation so much informations in a little wordsSome of the problems in the exercise are really mindnurturingAlso answers are given at the end to check yourself Mandal,D Feb , Great value for money Based on MIT professors research into better ways of teaching science, the book is an excellent introduction to this very important subject Both engineers and physicists will find it useful, even though the diagrams are in a somewhat dated style Krishna Subramanian Dec , The MIT Introductory Physics Series is the result of a program of careful study, planning, and development that began inThe Education Research Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology formerly the Science Teaching Center was established to study the process of instruction, aids thereto, and the learning process itself, with special reference to science teaching at the university level Generous support from a number of foundations provided the means for assembling and maintaining an experienced staff to co operate with members of the Institute s Physics Department in the examination, improvement, and development of physics curriculum materials for students planning careers in the sciences After careful analysis of objectives and the problems involved, preliminary versions of textbooks were prepared, tested through classroom use at MIT and other institutions, re evaluated, rewritten, and tried again Only then were the final manuscripts undertaken