THE ILLUSTRATED THEORY OF EVERYTHING: The Origin and Fate of the Universe Special Anniversary Edition, Stephen W. Hawking - –

With a title inspired as much by Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series as Einstein, The Theory of Everything delivers almost as much as it promises Transcribed from Stephen Hawking s Cambridge Lectures, the slim volume may not present a single theory unifying gravity with the other fundamental forces, but it does carefully explain the state of late th century physics with the great scientist s characteristic humility and charm Explicitly shunning math, Hawking explains the fruits ofyears of heavy thinking with metaphors that are simple but never condescending he compares the settling of the newborn universe into symmetry to the formation of ice crystals in a glass of water, for example While he explores his own work especially when speaking about black holes , he also discusses the important milestones achieved by others like Richard Feynman Though occasionally an impenetrably obscure phrase does slip by, the reader will find the bulk of the text enlightening and engaging The material, from the nature of time to the possibility that the universe has no beginning or end, is rich and deep and inevitably ignites metaphysical thinking After all, Hawking is famous for his we would know the mind of God remark, which ends the final lecture herein Rob Lightnerthis is one of the most interesting book hawking has explained the whole universe very briefly the book explains following things deeply ideas about universe expanding universe black holes origin and fate of universe the direction of time the theory of everything the book explains everything from beginning to the end of universe it shows the interaction between science and natural powers science lovers it will lead your knowledge to a next level Shiva Thakur onSep Hats off to Stephan hawking This book explains lot of things related with time, dimensions, secrets of the galaxies, etc Stephan Hawking has explained many scientific terms and theories like Einstein s Theory of relativity, Newton s theories, etc Sanket Kale onNov I highly believe that the way Stephen Hawking explains the various phenomenons is undoubtedly excellent When you read the book you really feel like that Prof Hawking is sitting next to you and reading the book The language of book is quite simple and the way various physics laws are explained can be understood with little understanding and efforts Utkarsh Singh onSep