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The Russell Cosmogony with its new concepts of light, matter, energy, electricity and magnetism is a simple yet complete, consistent and workable cosmogony which will enable future scientists to visualize the universe as a unified whole, and will open the door to the New Age of Transmutation Walter Russell, An Open Letter to the World of Science Contents A New Concept of the Universe The Undivided Light The Divided Light This Electric Universe of Simulated Idea Coulomb Law The Electric Universe of Simulated Energy The Duality of Electric Effect Thought Wave Universe Polarity Periodicity Magnetic Lines of Force Law of Conservation of Energy Thermodynamic Misconception Inadequacy of Newtons Three Laws Fallacy of Newtons Mathematics Two Unknown Facts of Nature Inadequacy of Keplers First Law The Quantum Theory Singly Charged Particles Science Must Revolutionize Concept of Matter The New Concept of Matter Mystery of Magnetic Poles Illusion of Three Dimensions The Earth is Not a Magnet Cathodes and Anodes No Separate Particles Curvature is Also Polarized Conditions of Matter Vibrating Matter Growth Octave Wave Cycle Gyroscope Wheel Expanding Systems Oblating Spheres Unbalanced Systems Wobble Gravitation Nine Octave Periodic Table of the Elements Industrys Creating Processes Secret of Mans Power New Power for Science Age of Transmutation What of Tomorrow