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I have a Kindle HDX 7 and the immersion feature does not work as described I pushed the may day button and the consultant checked all my settings and still it wouldn t work properly Audio and text both work separately but not together I was referred to audible.com and the consultant there was also not able to get the immersion feature to work She said I would be contacted after the problem was looked at by someone higher up the food chain but this never happened so it still does not work properly So if that feature is important to you as it is to me that is the reason for the 3 stars Otherwise it is a very interesting book Since immersion won t work, it is better to just get the text version There are many diagrams and following with audible alone is not very useful.I am revising this review because the immersion reading feature began sorking about a week ago or that is the first I noticed it So now it works as advertised The book itself is wonderfully written OK for the general reader but the clues as to his mental reasoning are great for anyone seriously interested All I could think was that I wish I could start my career over and study with such a teacher So much better than the types who do not pay any attention to the limitations of the realms in which they apply equations and go willy nilly applying a known equation whether the circumstances merit it or not Penrose is not at all sloppy in this regard as so many other physicists are these days His words are carefully chosen so as to not do harm to the aspiring student.I really enjoyed the book and I ve listened to it several times now Each time I notice something Lsyers upon layers. tHIS BOOK RELATES TO 3 COSMOLOGY QUESTIONS What came before the Big Bang, What causes order in the Universe, What cosmic future awaits us The cosmic microwave background is elucidated A physics background is helpful for understanding all the discussio Two appendicies give mathematical details An excellent presentation. Four Stars I gave it this because I still have faith that Penrose offers a way out of the singularity of the Big Bang However PRINT I have tried twice to read this and failed It is NOT for the lay reader It is perhaps challenging for a trained physicist mathematician I am still trying to absorb something anyway.AUDIO My second attempt to read the book was as an MP3 download Impossible Whatever the merits of the book, and I have tried 4 times now to read it since I think Penrose is surely onto something important, to listen to it is quite impossible unless one already understands everything already There are numerous equations and numerous drawings and numerous cross references that are utterly impossible to follow w o SEEING the pages.An audio version Ridiculous KINDLE this version is severely crippled due to the fact that Kindle Reader does not SCALE anything except text Damn It is so annoying to have to double click the graphics in order to enlarge them enough to read them It is extremely annoying that the special characters embedded in the text, of which there are MANY , are not scalable in Kindle Reader.When is Kindle going to handle EVERY aspect of the text as fully scalable This is unacceptable.Of course, Kindle allows highlighting and linking which is good But this particular book is EXTREMELY heavily laden with graphics and special characters such that multiple times on many many pages these features are totally out of proportion to the main text. This book isn t an easy read but it makes very clear what current science shows about the early universe It also presents new thinking about how the universe may have originated, though I thought the explanations of current science were the real strength of this book. A surprising and unorthodox work Deeply enlightening The Wall Street JournalThe hyper density of this book made my brain feel simultaneously wiped out and dazzled Anthony Doerr, Best Science Books of the Year,The Boston Globe An intellectual thrill ride There s no science fiction here, no imaginative filling in the gaps There is, however, a very strong scientific case for expanding the boundaries of our thinking Washington Independent Book Review Science needspeople like Penrose, willing and able to point out the flaws in fashionable models from a position of authority and to signpost alternative roads to follow The Independent If you ll forgive a skiing metaphor, Cycles of Time is a black diamond of a book But like all steep slopes, sometimes you take a moment from your struggles and look up, and in front of you is an utterly gorgeous view The Boston Globe Truly extraordinary This fascinating book will surely become a classic in the history of cosmology ChoiceOf interest to anyone who is interested in the world, how it works, and how it got here The best thing to do is to take a deep breath, grab a copy of this fascinating book, and plunge right in New York Journal of Books We must understand why the universe began in an incredibly special state, so well ordered that 14 billion years later, the universe still has not reached maximum disorder Penrose is at his best when he explains this deep and beautiful mystery, and the book may be worth reading for this chapter alone Science A genuinely new idea about the origins of the universewhich must be taken seriously The Scotsman As uncondescending in styleas his previous books There are many pleasures to be had The Sunday Times London What came before the Big Bang How did the universe begin and must it inevitably end In this remarkable book Roger Penrose brilliantly illuminates some of the deepest mysteries of the universeCycles of Time contains a penetrating analysis of the second law of thermodynamics according to which the randomness of our world is continually increasing and a thorough examination of the light cone geometry of space time It combines these two central themes to show how the expected ultimate fate of our accelerating, expanding universe can actually be reinterpreted as the big bang of a new one Presenting various standard and non standard cosmological models, discussing black holes in depth as well as taking in the role of the cosmic microwave background along the way, Roger Penrose argues that the Big Bang was not actually the beginning of everything nor will it signal the end.Science needspeople like Penrose, willing and able to point out the flaws in fashionable models from a position of authority, and to signpost alternative roads to followIndependent