Set Theory and the Continuum Hypothesis (Dover Books on Mathematics) (English Edition) eBook: Paul J. Cohen: Amazon Media EUS.à r.l. –

This exploration of a notorious mathematical problem is the work of the man who discovered the solution The independence of the continuum hypothesis is the focus of this study by Paul J Cohen It presents not only an accessible technical explanation of the author s landmark proof but also a fine introduction to mathematical logic An emeritus professor of mathematics at Stanford University, Dr Cohen won two of the most prestigious awards in mathematics in , he was awarded the American Mathematical Society s Bcher Prize for analysis and in , he received the Fields Medal for Logic In this volume, the distinguished mathematician offers an exposition of set theory and the continuum hypothesis that employs intuitive explanations as well as detailed proofs The self contained treatment includes background material in logic and axiomatic set theory as well as an account of Kurt Gdel s proof of the consistency of the continuum hypothesis An invaluable reference book for mathematicians and mathematical theorists, this text is suitable for graduate and postgraduate students and is rich with hints and ideas that will lead readers to further work in mathematical logic