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As a layperson and closet science geek , I really appreciated the author s straightforward and mostly non mathematical approach to a difficult and incomplete new theory about quantum gravity It covers three approaches which include super strings and M theory and black hole thermodynamics, both of which I hadn t really looked into before It was great fun and I really enjoyed reading this book I found this work to be brilliant and very thought provoking and would highly recommend it to anyone who may not be a physicist, but has some basic knowledge of science and would like to learn about a fascinating subject Lee Smolin indeed accomplishes the tasks of explaining the thermodynamics of the universe to the layman This is something that I have only seen in this book All other authors do not like to get entangled in the intrincacies of thermodynamics, even though thermodynamics is actually the science that allows to relate the macro and the micro In this book you will get a much better idea of how thermodynamics plays such an important role in our universe.But Lee Smolin does not stops there This is a book that also teaches us how the concepts of philosophy and social sciences, and the concepts of pure hard science are so closely related In the wonderfully laymans vocabulary of physics, mathematics, thermodynamics and philosophy, Lee Smolin tells us about Plato and about Hawkins in the same context.We come to understand how the newtonian concept of the universe took us too far from the understanding of social sciences, and how after a journey through Einstein, science is slowly coming back to be closely related to the social sciences.We used to think that an observer should be independent, and we made every effort to accomplish that However, to understand the universe, we can not be independent observers We are inside It is the same as in sociology or any other social science We can not be independent observers and we have to accept it.We learn to understand that our universe is not a thing but a story that has to be told The universe can only be explained by the logic of plurality the logic of many logics The logic of many dependent observers added together We understand that nothing is absolute and everything is relational just as should be in social sciences.The view that Lee Smolin gives us about the task ahead for scientists searching for the unified theory of the Cosmos is a view that may finally eliminate the division of hard science and social sciences It may also help develop new points of view in our view of our society.At the end, as incredible as it may seem, we are back to square one, we are somehow back to Plato s philosophy, but with the added value of a story of the Cosmos that Plato never dreamt of.Five Stars to this book that get us a step closer to understanding ourselves and our environment. Smolin s presentation of the three theories was so thought provoking for me that I realized that I wanted to learn I had majored in Physics 35 years ago so I had QM and SR under my belt but nothing modern One thing that I particualry liked about Smolin s presentation of the three theories currently being worked on superstring theory, quantum loop theory and blackhole thermodynamics was the balanced way he kept saying how all three undoubtedly would contribute to the ongoing progress rather than trying to say one has to be right to the exclusion of the other two it s simply too early to tell I ve spent 2 years with a tutor studying QFT in order, hopefully, to be able to at least approach the mathematics behind these theories I ve just ordered a First Course in String Theory and realized that I had never written a review of Smolen s book to so to speak thank him so I now fill that gap. Lee Smolin is a brilliant, original thinker Roger Penrose Smolin argues lucidly and effectively that physicists should pause to reevaluate exactly what they mean when they use the words space and time This is a deeply philosophical workNew York Times Books ReviewA mix of science, philosophy, and science fiction, this is at once entertaining, thought provoking, fabulously ambitious, and fabulously speculativeNew York TimesThis is real twenty first century science Allen Lane, IndependentA leading theoretical physicist describes the search for a theory of everything.The Holy Grail of modern physics is the search for a quantum gravity view of the universe that unites Einstein s general relativity with quantum theory Until recently, these two foundational pillars of modern science have seemed incompatible relativity deals exclusively with the universe at the large scale planets, solar systems and galaxies , whereas quantum theory is restricted to the domain of the very small molecules, atoms, electrons Here, Lee Smolin provides the first accessible overview of current attempts to reconcile these two theories.Written with wit and style, Three Roads to Quantum Gravity touches on some of the deepest questions about the nature of the universe are space and time continuous or infinitely divisible Is there a limit to how small things can be while speculating on what developments we can expect at the frontiers of physics in the twenty first century.