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It is all good fun, and the authors point out much that we readers would probably otherwise miss This annotated version of Flatland is clearly designed to be enjoyed by a very wide audience Readers of this edition will becomefamiliar with Edwin A Abbott the person The multitude of notes explaining, among other things, Abbotts wordplay, his grasp of classical Greek culture, and his critical views of Victorian society makes us almost feel like we are having a conversation with him I highly recommend this edition Abbotts story can be enjoyed by those with a taste for any combination of mathematics, linguistics, social commentary, history, philosophy, religion, and faith Lindgren and Banchoffs notes and commentary deepen the enjoyment of these many dimensions of Abbotts creation David A Huckaby, MAA ReviewsThere have been lots of new editions of Flatland and further interpretations of the original But the book presented here is something totally new The book can be highly recommended, it is a must for all admirers of Flatland Karin Reich, Zentralblatt MATHFlatland should be in every mathematics collection, and this is the definitive edition Outstanding Academic Title C A Gorini, Maharishi University of Management, Choice MagazineWith their informative notes, Banchoff and Lindgren add immeasurably to the text In addition to explanations of arcane terminology and of the mathematics involved, they provide the background necessary to understand the book in the context of Victorian England It is a period during which entrenched ideas, both social and scientific, were undergoing dramatic metamorphosis Banchoff and Lindgrens comments on Abbott and his milieu allow the reader to comprehend this fascinating turning point in history The plethora of fascinating background information and detail will make you appreciate the book at a much deeper level American ScientistFlatland, Edwin Abbott s story of a two dimensional universe, as told by one of its inhabitants who is introduced to the mysteries of three dimensional space, has enjoyed an enduring popularity from the time of its publication inThis fully annotated edition enables the modern day reader to understand and appreciate the many dimensions of this classic satire Mathematical notes and illustrations enhance the usefulness of Flatland as an elementary introduction to higher dimensional geometry Historical notes show connections to late Victorian England and to classical Greece Citations from Abbott s other writings as well as the works of Plato and Aristotle serve to interpret the text Commentary on language and literary style includes numerous definitions of obscure words An appendix gives a comprehensive account of the life and work of Flatland s remarkable author

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