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This eBook requires Kindle Reader App running on PC, tablet or phone Also available in hardcopyRelativity Explained is unique, a complete yet straightforward explanation of relativity written by a layman for laymen, without maths It does not make leaps in explanations nor assumptions about prior knowledge, and yet it provides readers withthan a glimpse of relativity s universe shattering insightsRelativity Explained has been reviewed by Professor Elias Brinks of the Centre for Astrophysics Research at the University of Hertfordshire, who says, From my first reading, I was impressed with the level of clarity Ron managed to bring to this conceptually difficult topic Not only did I find little that was factually incorrect, I admit that some of the ways he used to approach relativity were new to me, and revealingThe physics of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics also briefly covered in this book have laid bare just how large is the gap between our evolution constrained senses and the way the universe is actually built and works Relativity Explained describes the underpinnings of this revolution, enabling readers to share in the surprises that lie Behind the curtain of realityThe book has been designed in every respect to be an easy read It is relatively short, rich in diagrams and quotes, and it also engages readers with further explorations into relativitys wider impact on human thought, in philosophy, culture and societyThe completed book has been road tested with non scientists, popular science readers and student physicists, and revised accordingly to ensure it is as accessible as possibleReader quotesFriendly text Very helpful graphics Good quotes throughout the book Each section in good order and well titledA good book for explaining in layman s terms the concepts of relativity I enjoyed itAs a first primer, I think it achieves the objectives very well, and probably gives the reader enough knowledge to proceed toadvanced texts It was really very little effort to read the book Ive tried to read several books on the subject before, but have usually given up by about pageThe technical part of the text flows very wellI like this brave attempt at the seemingly impossible nothing less than to explain to the layman one of the most impenetrable theories known to science A lot of original thought has been put into it and it s impressive I particularly like the Challenging Preconceptions It s covering some very deep questionsThe underlying physics in the book is good The separate maths section means that certain people will not be put off at the first sign of an equation, but its still there for anyone who is interested