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Kip S Thorne, Co Winner of theNobel Prize in PhysicsIt is a matter for celebration when two illustrious theoreticians such as Kip Thorne and Roger Blandford provide an in depth description of the fundamentals of classical physics The sheer amount of material covered and the effort that has gone into condensing it into a single, beautifully produced volume is extraordinarily impressive Malcolm Longair, NatureRemarkable for its scope and authority, this text offers a new vision of the theoretical minimum of classical physics that all physicists should know, a vision that I hope will revitalize the curricula of many physics departments On my own shelf it will replace half a dozen dog eared reference texts Scott Tremaine, Institute for Advanced StudyIn an era of fragmentation and specialization, Thorne and Blandford have given us an audacious and splendid grand unification of classical physics, using geometry and space time as synthesizing principles Complicated fields as diverse as optics, elasticity, and plasma physics fall to their masterful pedagogy William H Press, University of Texas at AustinComprehensive, concise, and coherent, this is a marvelous summary of the essence of classical physics, somewhat reminiscent of the classic texts of Landau and Lifshitz, and an essential part of any physicist s toolkit Classical physics is not old physics it contains many of the most interesting challenges to our understanding of nature and it stands as in this book in consistent juxtaposition with quantum physics This book includes many interesting and often difficult problems, and it will particularly benefit students in the astrophysical and related sciences David Stevenson, CaltechThis is an excellent resource for students and researchers seeking introductions to important subjects neglected by most modern physics curricula Jeremy Goodman, Princeton UniversityThis text is a tour de force I cannot overemphasize how big a contribution to teaching it will be It is also likely to instantly become a desk reference for a large part of the research physics community Steinn Sigurdsson, Pennsylvania State University