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This is a marvellous book The diversity of possible puzzles that can be given with these very limited resources, which are basically some paper and scissors, is overwhelming, and the challenges are sometimes very tough Even the two star problems may be hard for an untrained puzzlerEuropean Mathematical Society The title of this book fairly accurately explains its content and purpose There is enough variation in difficulty that the book should be enjoyable for both novices and puzzle enthusiasts of all ages While some of the puzzles or activities will be familiar to enthusiasts, there are plenty of original problems from the authors as well Overall the book is excellent and should be enjoyable to a large audience I even tested the book by handing it and some paper squares to some teenagers on a long car trip They stayed fairly absorbed in it for the bulk of the trip Mathematical Association of America Those who delight in puzzles will find this book fascinating and enjoyable Illustrations appear on almost every page, and the book is easy to follow The harder problems are true brain benders of the most pleasant sort Although the problems are implicitly infused with mathematics, the book is accessible to almost anyone who has taken trigonometry and knows about square roots It could even be enjoyed by a motivated middle school student Notices of the American Mathematical SocietyALL YOU NEED IS PAPER All the puzzles inside are made out of paper from simple teasers to extreme brain workouts ORIGINAL DESIGNS Co developed by a mathematician, an origami artist and a mechanical puzzle maker, this inventive book provides a unique and invaluable collection of a large, comprehensive and diverse variety of paper puzzles And they only require a sheet of paper and perhaps a pair of scissors EASY TO CHALLENGING There areunique puzzles including paper strip puzzles, Mbius strips and flexagons, two dimensional sheet folding, fold and cut puzzles, D dissections and constructions, sequence folding puzzles, origami puzzles and even paper toys and magic PROVIDES HOURS OF FUN Anyone of any age can find hours of enjoyment and challenge LEARNING GEOMETRY, MATHEMATICS AND PROBLEM SOLVING CHALLENGES CAN BE FUN For students and teachers parents and children amateur and skilled mathematicians, and puzzle loversLEARN CONCEPTS AS YOU GO Many of the puzzles are new and original, they complement the classic puzzles that are included and all of them come with a solution as well as a mathematical and geometrical explanation that can be easily understood by all The layout of the book, with its extensive puzzles, solutions and detailed descriptions, make it a sure candidate as the paper puzzle bible for enthusiasts and puzzle lovers everywhere Contents Just FoldingOrigami PuzzlesD Folding PuzzlesSequence FoldingStrips of PaperFlexagonsFold and CutJust CuttingOverlapping Paper PuzzlesMore Fun with Paper Readership Puzzle and riddle lovers, and origami enthusiasts Key Features Many new and original puzzlesA huge collection of paper puzzles and activities for all ages and levelsBoth educational and fun highly challenging puzzlesPresents many geometrical and mathematical principals in an easy to understand mannerPossibly the only book in the market that contains such a large and diverse collection of paper puzzles

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