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How math helps us solve the universes deepest mysteries One of the great insights of science is that the universe has an underlying order The supreme goal of physicists is to understand this order through laws that describe the behavior of the most basic particles and the forces between them For centuries, we have searched for these laws by studying the results of experiments Since the s, however, experiments at the worlds most powerful atom smashers have offered few new clues So some of the worlds leading physicists have looked to a different source of insight modern mathematics These physicists are sometimes accused of doing fairy tale physics, unrelated to the real world But in The Universe Speaks in Numbers, award winning science writer and biographer Farmelo argues that the physics they are doing is based squarely on the well established principles of quantum theory and relativity, and part of a tradition dating back to Isaac Newton With unprecedented access to some of the worlds greatest scientific minds, Farmelo offers a vivid, behind the scenes account of the blossoming relationship between mathematics and physics and the research that could revolutionize our understanding of reality A masterful account of the some of the most groundbreaking ideas in physics in the past four decades The Universe Speaks in Numbers is essential reading for anyone interested in the quest to discover the fundamental laws of nature Em paralelo da an lise dos dados que as experi ncias fornecem, os f sicos tem focado cada vez mais no desenvolvimento da matem tica para ampliar o alcance das leis da F sica Einstein e Dirac foram pioneiros nesta abordagem e este ltimo afirmava que as regras que os matem ticos acham interessantes s o as mesmas que a natureza escolhe No entanto, a estreita colabora o entre os f sicos e os matem ticos somente come ou a tomar forma a partir de meados da d cada de 1970 A descri o desta colabora o entre os f sicos e os matem ticos o tema principal deste livro, principalmente no desenvolvimento da Teoria das Cordas De fato, os te ricos da teoria das cordas est o desenvolvendo a disciplina mais na base da matem tica do que nas experi ncias fornecidas pelo mundo real Como esclarece o autor, a busca de uma teoria unificada, baseada na Relatividade e na Mec nica Qu ntica, que levasse em conta todas as for as fundamentais da natureza, incluindo a gravidade, foi o desafio que gerou a maioria dos projetos descritos no livro Uma tima leitura para os estudantes e professores de F sica e tamb m para os apreciadores do tema. Bought this on the back of the author s biography of Paul Dirac which I really enjoyed I was expecting something of similar quality I didn t get it For a book about the importance of maths to physics I found it strange that it contain next to no maths at all Not a single mathematical equation for example Further, the whistlestop tour through 2000 years of science takes about two pages It is all superficial and lacking any originality It really doesn t tell you anything Hugely disappointing. This is a truly amazing book spanning over 2,500 years of the critical players and key moments of physical law discovery from Plato to the 21st century The unifying insight across almost every major discovery is the unreasonably effectiveness of mathematics in the natural world Eugene Wigner, 1960 After reading this book one can sense the feeling that we can now see the possibility that pure mathematics and theoretical physics will, as Dirac tentatively suggested in his 1939 Scott lecture, ultimately unify p237.It is difficult to imagine a challenging task than to explain to the general public, cutting edge modern pure mathematics living in multi dimensional and highly abstract worlds, as well as cutting edge fundamental physics also living interestingly in multi dimensional and highly abstract worlds Yet, Farmelo has delivered on this with an unusual capability of combining beautiful prose, enlivened historical analysis together with a careful balance between the technicalities of the process of discovery and the deep underlying principles revealed by the discovery.I believe, that I am a typical reader, with a science degree okay, only computer science and a genuine interest in the new world of physics which is increasingly revealing to us the hidden truth and beauty of the natural world Based on the above, I enthusiastically recommend if you are going to read one popular science book this year on physics or mathematics make it this one This book is likely to become one of the key books in the development of our understanding of the Natural World It will change forever your outlook on these subjects in the most macro way possible and move you one giant step closer to a truly unified world. I bought the book on the strength of the authors biography of Dirac and a review in one of the Sunday papers I was very disappointed.I was expecting a book on physics but in fact it s a history and does not really explain things For examplt it mentions that Maxwell was interested in topology but or less leaves it at that.The second half of the book discusses the history of gauge theory and string theory Lots of people are mentioned with details of their contributions to the theories but the theories themselves are never really discussed.It would be a good book for someone starting a graduate course in gauge theory or string theory who wanted to know who was responsible for which parts of the theory.