download pdf THE 3Rs: REASON, REALITY, AND RELATIVITY: A Linguistic Analysis of Relativity (Philosophy of Science Applied to Modern Physics) (English Edition) By Douglas Reinhardt –

This book is a continuation in my series entitled THE PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE APPLIED TO MODERN PHYSICS The theme of this book is that the primary problem with Relativity is linguistic and semantic in nature The faulty use of language, particularly the terms space and time, which are metaphysical, rather than physical phenomena, leads to outrageous predictions that are the stuff of science fiction things such as time travel or folding up space and burrowing a hole through the fold to travel to distant places in space and time Space and time are treated as physical entities which interact with mass and energy, and gravity is seen as a curvature in spacetime, rather than a force Such abstractions do not interact with the physical world as Einstein assumed Mental constructions are like lines on a globe that help us navigate the earth, but they are not present in a physical sense and do not have a physical effect such as enabling the earth to rotate Thus, Einstein does not distinguish between phenomena and epiphenomena, the map and the territory to him, the map is the territory and ideal Platonic geometric forms are the same as physical reality I believe that Modern Physics needs to put the physical back into physics since some physicists of a mystical persuasion claim not to believe in the reality of the material worldThe evidence for relativity is examined such as the Hafele Keating airliner experiment, GPS synchronization, precession in the orbit of Mercury, bending of starlight, etc There are alternate explanations for all these phenomena which better fit the facts as some physicists have acknowledged The book is a call for a revision in the language of physics which will lead to better logic and realization of the scientific method based on the philosophy of rational empiricism