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HE IS KNOWN SIMPLY AS ARISTEDES, Canada s first name in Greek cuisine With Orestes, his signature restaurant in Vancouver, plus countless other eateries in Toronto, across Canada and around the world, Aristedes ingenious take on classic Greek cuisine has been wowing diners for three decades Now, perfectly partnered with acclaimed food writer and fellow Greek Byron Ayanoglu Crete on the Half Shell , Aristedes shares overdelectable recipes sure to please the connoisseurs and the health conscious alikeEach recipe follows Aristedes simple fail safe methods, combining the outstanding features of Greek casserole cooking, French sauting and Chinese wok cooking His healthy approach suggests oil free frying or pan drying which allows the sauce to penetrate and flavour the food With just two non stick pans and a blender or food processor, cooks can produce a tempting array of contemporary, nutritious Greek dishes Be it a velvety classic Chicken Rice Avgolemono Soup, Calamari in Burnt Mustard Salad, Pastichio with Artichokes and Fennel or a made over traditional dessert, Halvah with Fruit, these are recipes that sing the tunes of Greece Spiced with Ayanoglu s inimitable interpretation of Aristedes anecdotes and tasting notes, plus an eight page insert of full colour photographs, New Greek Cuisine is a cookbook to savour Opa Enjoy