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Discover exciting behind the scenes opportunities and challenges in technology today with Schwalbe's unique INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, E This one of a kind book demonstrates the principles distinctive to managing information technology IT projects that extend well beyond standard project management requirements No book offersup to the minute insights and software tools for IT project management success, including updates that reflect the latest PMBOK Guide, th edition, the global standard for managing projects and earning certification The book weaves today's theory with successful practices for an understandable, integrated presentation that focuses on the concepts, tools, and techniques that are most effective today INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT is the only book to apply all ten project management knowledge areas to IT projects You master skills in project integration, scope, time, cost, quality, human resource, communications, risk, procurement, and stakeholder management as well as all five process groups initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing Intriguing examples from familiar companies featured in today's news, a new Agile case, opportunities with MindView software, and a new chapter on project stakeholder management further ensure you are equipped to manage information technology projects with success

15 thoughts on “Information Technology Project Management (with Microsoft Project 2010 60 Day Trial CD-ROM)

  1. Davide Davide says:

    The book is very detailed and follows PMI methodologies So, it could be a good supplement to read, in addition to the PMBOK However, it may be a bit too in depth for those who are just looking for a simple and fun introduction to the PM world Really good book one of the best in IT.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    bought it as part of the course. couldnt finish reading this book.

  3. Phil Phil says:

    Great condition, great price, what could you ask for.

  4. Raul Raul says:

    Great Book

  5. Customer Customer says:

    Very satisfied!

  6. Hilary Bonnetta Hilary Bonnetta says:

    Arrived in great time.

  7. R. Holley R. Holley says:

    This book has been great so far! We're using it as a school book for a project management class for GIS It's step by step approach to explaining the process as a whole has been great and breaks the material up into bite sized pieces The examples are clear, the case studies (given at the beginning and end of the chapter, usually expanded upon at some point in the middle as well) are always on point and help to flesh out the material The examples for various documents such as Project Charters, Work Breakdown Structures, Project Scope Statements, and Gandt charts have been clear and easy to read It has definitely made understanding our assignments (planning a hypothetical project) much easier to understand.I'd recommend it and I look forward to hanging onto this as a desk reference once my class is over!Edit: One thing I wanted to add is that I purchased a new copy in part because of the Microsoft Project trial that I would need I hadn't realized that a free trial is readily available on the Microsoft website! D'oh! So buy used if you want and you won't be missing out on that aspect.

  8. Skullleader Skullleader says:

    So I have ready Kathy's books through the years especially when I want to brush up on PMP terminology and moving into a Project Management role It's a good read and she does than just regurgitate the PMI PMBOK but instead has good examples, stories from actual events, and how reality works in Project Management.I took a star away as you simply do not need the versions I bought the 7th edition which in studying for the PMP was good enough I do not know if college professors (I think she retired) feel obligated to write a new edition every two years but does material really change that often? I ask that about Calculus books as well which are extremely overpriced There is not that much innovation in Calculus or Project Managment (unless PMI comes out with a new PMBOK).So overall recommend but get this version, or current version 1 and you will learn a lot.

  9. k k says:

    The digital version works just fine on Kindle HDX (I know this model operates differently then others) Obviously, there is no disk.As far as I understand, the disk gives you 90 days of MS Project Digging into the appendix, the reader is encouraged to download the trial version of MS project from the website, which is a 60 day trial the 60 day mark is (sadly) 7 days short of the length of my course.It would be nice if the digital version had a 90 day key in the beginning of the book for those if us that are trying to be eco friendly students that do not wish to use a book/CD/shipping/etc.I'll update in a few weeks once I have dug into this book a bit

  10. William Sprite William Sprite says:

    There is a lot of great information and resources in this book Kathy Schwalbe is obviously experienced, and provides a good intro for the person with no PM experience However, I find the amount of jargon to be extremely frustrating In true business form, known terms for tools and processes are interchanged with savvy business talk, making it much difficult than necessary to follow the discussion I think that the wordiness increases the length of the chapters noticeably, which is also unnecessary.Maybe those with of a business background will enjoy the writing style !

  11. Douglas W. Wilson Douglas W. Wilson says:

    So far a good book This is a text for one of my college classes so it's required reading The information is straight forward and the examples (especially the Quick Quiz with answers) are helping Though I do wish they put the answers at the back I find myself having to put a bit of paper over the answers to avoid glancing down.

  12. Customer Customer says:

    Textbook was delivered as expected

  13. Ryan Morrison Ryan Morrison says:

    Two issues: As mentioned by several other commenters, the Kindle edition is problematic at best I've being forced to read a textbook from a 7 tablet screen because Cengage won't allow it on my Kindle, won't make a functioning desktop app on the PC and the web reader throws up all sorts of errors.The second issue: The material itself is basically a re packaged PMBOK The author has seemingly decided that alternatives (usually described as Agile) are dubious although the PMI Agile cert is mentioned Don't look for any significant treatment on 'that' material though If you're looking for PMBOK, skip this book and go to the source Another hack job published by Cengage Bad material and wouldn't fetch this kind of a price if it weren't required in a class.

  14. Tom Paris Tom Paris says:

    70% of this book feels like filler to justify the price and size expected of a textbook The author goes overboard on the volume of examples to demonstrate a point If you're familiar with project management then you'll likely find that you need to do little than skim the section titles.

  15. Niki Niki says:

    Ordered this book for my class It stated it included the access code or CD ROM but didn’t so now I have to order it off the website for another $119.99 Crap.